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Wind Turbine

Career Pathways

While working with both the clean energy fund of the University of Vermont and the CHA engineering firm I have been able to reflect on possible career options for my future. Much of the work and involvement I'm experiencing this summer holds much relevance to possible career options I have interest in. While working under CHA's leadership I've gained experience in site surveying for various renewable energy systems such as Solar PV, Wind Power, and Solar and Geothermal Heating and Cooling.

Clean Energy Fund

by Richard P. Smith III '13, CEF Summer Intern

A Real Wind Turbine

UVM should show a commitment to renewable energy by installing a real wind turbine where the one is now.  100 foot blades with the energy going straight to the campus.  People may complain about the view but others have suffered far more for our electricity (mountain-top removal, ect.) that I think we can handle it.  Invest in our health and future first before building more dorms.

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