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The End of Cheap Energy- James Kuntsler

James Howard Kuntsler
March 14, 2012
Davis Center- Silver Maple Ballroom
Cheryl Morse,

James Howard Kunstler is  author of "Geography of Nowhere", "Home from Nowhere",  "The Long Emergency" and a number of other books and blogs (  A compelling and forceful truthteller, Kuntsler will lay out a vision of a world dependent on cheap energy and approaching a devastating turning point--a turning point that will return the nation to a place where community matters, where neighbors gather and people build places they value.

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Clean Energy Fund

The Future of Transportation Roundtable

April 15, 2011
Decision Theater, Farrell Hall

The Transportation Research Center will host Dr. Joe Schofer, Director of the Infrastructure Technology Institute at Northwestern University.  Dr. Schofer's research includes the management and planning of transportation systems and how data can be used for the effective evaluation of systems and projects.

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