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Charging Stations for EV cars

With EV cars now avialable on the consumer market and more being introduced by the month, UVM students, faculty, and staff would be greatly encoraged to take advantage of this great green technology if we had places to charge our EV at work/school. 

While EV cars are wonderful, the long commutes and hilly terrain make them impractical for many commuters without a place to charge them before the return trip home.  EV charging stations at busy commuting lots would solve this problem and could meaningfully reduce the carbon footprint of our home/school/workplace.

Athletic to Central Campus Main St Connector Pedestrian Walkway and other transportation changes

I am pitching the idea to build a road that brings Main Street traffic below the walkable street level so as to reduce the wasted emissions created by stalling vehicles as they wait for pedestrians to cross. Lowering the road level instead of creating a raised pedestrian bridge would prevent the obstruction of the beautiful views of Burlington. I know this is an idea that has been considered in the past, but the clean energy fund would be able to finance the project and create the momentum to make it happen.

The Future of Transportation Roundtable

April 15, 2011
Decision Theater, Farrell Hall

The Transportation Research Center will host Dr. Joe Schofer, Director of the Infrastructure Technology Institute at Northwestern University.  Dr. Schofer's research includes the management and planning of transportation systems and how data can be used for the effective evaluation of systems and projects.

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