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Smart Grid

Off-Campus Student Energy Conservation Challenge

2013-14 Projects
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CEF funds will be used to provide home energy devices (HEDs) to UVM students living off-campus in Burlington, at no (or, a subsidized) cost. These devices connect to residential smart meters and make available real-time energy consumption information. Burlington Electric Department is in the process of deploying Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in the city, but choices of how, when, and whether or not to use HEDs have not yet been made. 

CEF Lecture Series: Smart Grid Seminar Series

2013-14 Projects
Project Timeline: 
01/2015 to 05/2015
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This seminar focuses on exploring the next generation power grid and its relationship to renewable energy. The series will consist of talks, documentary films, and debates that bring different perspectives and disciplines together to discuss this important issue. As Vermont will be the first state in the country to move to a statewide smart grid, this topic is especially relevant to students at UVM.

Plugging into the Smart Grid: How College and Universities Can Get Involved

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prepared and presented by Mieko A. Ozeki, Sustainability Projects Coordinator, at the Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference on April 2, 2012 at Syracuse University.

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