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Renewable Energy

CEF Clean Greenhouse Project featured in Burlington Free Press

Clean Energy Fund

The CEF-funded Clean Greenhouse Project, headed by Tad Cooke and Erick Crockenberg '13, was featured in the Burlington Free Press!  Tad and Erick are finalists in the City of Burlington's Moran Plant Redevelopment project.

Clean Energy Fund

CEF Lecture Series: 2013 Energy Action Seminar

2012-13 Projects
Project Timeline: 
09/2013 to 12/2013
Project Progress: 

This is a seminar series on renewable energy to include speakers focused on U.S. and global renewable energy programs and Vermont state programs and organizations. Energy is a major impact on society, both in how we use it and how we extract it, contributing, for example, from 30 to 40 percent of our total greenhouse gases. One way to address these environmental impacts is to move to renewable energy sources. Across the US, a variety of renewable energy programs and policies are proposed.

Green Funds 2.0: The Nitty-Gritty of Campus Sustainability Fund Management from the Ground Up

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prepared by Mieko Ozeki, Katherine Walsh (UC Berkeley), Kevin Ordean (Northern Arizona University), Lilith Wyatt (McGill University), Melody Hartke (North American University), and McKenzie Beverage (University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign) and presented at the AASHE 2012 Conference.



The last two weeks of the internship were focused on finishing up the reports for CHA. After submitting my report on wind power, most of my time was spent editing that report as well as other reports sent to me by Jack Honor. Jack has compiled a draft of the report, which he shared with us so we could get a preview of what the final report would entail. It is amazing what all the work completed this summer has become. The report is lengthy due to its combination of broad scope as well as high attention to detail.

Clean Energy Fund

by Ryan Darlow '12, UVM Clean Energy Fund Intern

First Two Weeks: PV Surveying

I have learned a lot since the start of the Clean Energy Fund internship two weeks ago. The first days began with meetings so that all the interns could meet one another as well as the UVM and CHA employees that we would be working with. Clough Harbour and Associates  (CHA) is an engineering firm that UVM selected to work on the project.  After being introduced to what the internship would entail, the schedule and deliverables of the project were laid out.

Clean Energy Fund

by Ryan Darlow '12, UVM Clean Energy Fund Intern


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