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First Two Weeks: PV Surveying

I have learned a lot since the start of the Clean Energy Fund internship two weeks ago. The first days began with meetings so that all the interns could meet one another as well as the UVM and CHA employees that we would be working with. Clough Harbour and Associates  (CHA) is an engineering firm that UVM selected to work on the project.  After being introduced to what the internship would entail, the schedule and deliverables of the project were laid out.

Clean Energy Fund

by Ryan Darlow '12, UVM Clean Energy Fund Intern

Week 1


Over the first week and a half of the Clean Energy Fund internship we have begun outlining the basic deliverables for the overall project and subsequently scheduling out the allotted work. The first few days consisted of meetings with both the UVM staff as well as the on-site CHA team members. I also met briefly with the construction team at the Miller Research Farm Equine Center to discuss the time frame for the solar installation.

Clean Energy Fund

by Jack Lehrecke '12, CEF Summer Intern

James Howard Kunstler Explains What "The End of Cheap Energy" Will Mean For Us All

Transition has been the keyword of my semester. My internship with the Clean Energy Fund has served as my transition between being a student and being a graduate. My work has focused on promoting speakers who help others to understand how to transition – whether that transition is away from fossil fuels, into resilient communities, or towards our personal and collective futures.

Clean Energy Fund

by Julia Breul '12, Clean Energy Fund Intern, 2011-2012

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