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Clean Energy Internship Program

This pilot project in Summer 2016 is creating opportunities for energy-related internships by developing, administering, and piloting an internship program. The intent of the project is to connect students with energy-related businesses. Internship stipends are $2500 per student for summer work occurring in Summer 2016. Additionally, this award will provide funds for a one-day training for interns and their respective organizations. 

Clean Energy Internship Program

2010-11 Projects
Project Timeline: 
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Education

The CEF will sponsor student internships dedicated to clean energy on campus. Applications for these funds from internship sponsors and applications for internships from interested students will be received and evaluated on a rolling basis. Possible internships may include: campus energy management, energy accounting, energy mapping, installations & feasibility studies, outreach and marketing, and documentation.

Clean Energy Fund Annual Budget: $25,000
Expenditure as of May 2015: $15,000

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