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Food Systems

What's Cooking at UVM?

Over the summer, I audited a two-week course called ENVS 195: Environmental Cooking, which took place in the Marsh Life Science lab. I took this course for fun, but also to explore the sustainability related classes offered on campus from the perspective of a student and to check out another part of campus, outside of my office.  

by Mieko A. Ozeki, M.S., A.L.M, Sustainability Projects Coordinator

Food Day

Food Day
October 24, 2011
Davis Center

Three events on national Food Day. Here is the agenda

9:35-10:25AM Choice is Sweet: Discussing the Future of Coca Colla on UVM's campus

12:00-1:15PM Marsh Professor-at-Large Lecture: Wouter van Houten, Director of the Center for Wildlife, University of Pretoria, South Africa

3:00-4:00PM Planting New Roots: Migrants Farming in Vermont

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Admission Fee: 

Permaculture on Campus

Permaculture is a regenerative strategy that restores ecosystem health through sustanable and mindful design. Large green areas on campus should be used to create native, edible landscapes that will supply dining services and students with a local and organic food source. This will reduce our reliance on fuel for food transportation, serve as an educational medium, and involve the UVM community with the source of the food they consume.  Compost from campus facilities could be kept on campus and be used to build and maintain soil health for the permaculture plots.

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