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Environmental Sciences

Environmental studies and sciences conference hosted at UVM

Confronting complexity: 2011 annual meeting of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences

Over 500 people gathered at University of Vermont this summer to connect, share, and explore their interests in understanding environmental topics from a variety of perspectives. The interdisciplinary backgrounds included professionals in fields as diverse as engineering, music, literature, and ecology. After presenting about systems thinking and campus sustainability at UVM, I attended other conference sessions and describe a few of them below.

by Steve Posner, M.S., Sustainability Fellow and Eco-Reps Program Coordinator

2011 AESS Conference @ UVM

On June 23-26th, UVM's Environmental Program and the University of Vermont hosted the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) 2011 Annual Meeting. This meeting had over 500 attendees, who teach at colleges and universities from across the U.S. and Canada. This four-day event included field trips around UVM and at Middlebury College. 

by Mieko A. Ozeki, M.S., A.L.M, Former Sustainability Projects Coordinator

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