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How long does it take a batch of compost to cure fully?

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Since UVM does not compost on its own site, this is determined by the compost facility operator, Intervale Compost Products. Typically, in a conventional "windrow composting" method, the process of mixing, pile building, active phase composting, curing and finishing could take 6 - 9 months.  ICP is in the process of moving to a new location and switching to an "aerated static pile" method which will shorten this time frame.

Who manages the food waste collection and composting program? Is there a position or intern?

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The UVM Recycling program (which is housed in the Physical Plant Department) manages the collection of food scraps from all the dining halls.  UVM Recycling works closely with University Dining Services, the UVM Eco-Reps and the private hauler and the compost facility operator to ensure the program runs smoothly.

Where is composting set up? In what future locations do you see additional compost sites going?


UVM does not have any large-scale compost sites on campus. Composting is done off site by a non-profit composting facility called Intervale Compost Products which is owned by the Chittenden Solid Waste District.  The site is located near campus and is a popular place for students and classes to visit and learn about the composting process.


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