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UVM's Biking for Compost Pilot Program featured in USA Today College

Vermont Cynic editor, Becky Hayes '13, wrote an article for USA Today College on UVM's pilot office compost program by bike


By Becky Hayes

"Cycling isn’t just a sport in the Olympics anymore.

Colleges across the country have utilized the environmentally-friendly transportation method as a way to increase composting on campus.


Pilot Program Collects Office Compost by Bike

Article written by Amanda Waite from University Communications.

Composting efforts at UVM are expanding with a pilot program designed to collect compostable materials from office buildings. While UVM has been collecting food waste from the dining halls since 1997 and diverts nine tons of food each week from the landfill, this is the first centralized effort to provide a composting alternative within departmental and program offices.


Compost Power: Using Compost Power to Heat a Greenhouse

2011-12 Projects
Project Timeline: 
07/2012 to 07/2013
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Infrastructure

This project involves onsite composting as the heat source for an existing greenhouse structure at Slade Hall. In addition, it will produce organic vegetables and compost, and support student internships and learning experiences on campus.

What is student involvement with composting?

The only direct involvement are student Eco-Reps who are asked to set up a collection pail in their residence hall.  Eco-Reps are responsible for emptying and washing out the pail each week at a central collection point at one of the dining halls.  And of course, students are involved every time they scrape their food leftovers in the the compost pail in the dining halls!  

How long does it take a batch of compost to cure fully?

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Since UVM does not compost on its own site, this is determined by the compost facility operator, Intervale Compost Products. Typically, in a conventional "windrow composting" method, the process of mixing, pile building, active phase composting, curing and finishing could take 6 - 9 months.  ICP is in the process of moving to a new location and switching to an "aerated static pile" method which will shorten this time frame.


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