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Clean Energy Fund

Central Heating and Cooling Plant

Just before Valentine’s Day, Gioia (Director of the Office of Sustainability) and I headed to the Central Heating and Cooling Plant, housed in the brick annex just behind the Royal Tyler Theatre in the middle of campus.   Walk through the unassuming red door in the rear of the building, and the sound of the massive boilers is overwhelming: we had to shout our greeting to Michael Wells, Supervisor and Operating Engineer.  It was a mild day (characteristic of

Clean Energy Fund

by Katharan M Blofson, Clean Energy Fund Education & Outreach Graduate Assistant

CEF Logo

The Clean Energy Fund logo was designed by Colin Arisman '12, who worked for UVM's Student Life Marketing program. The CEF committee reviewed many drafts of Colin's logo designs and decided on the design below in Fall 2011. They wanted to make the connections that relate to the purpose of the fund and connect the concept of renewable energy source to energy use. In addition, they were looking for iconic imagery that relate to Vermont and UVM.

The End of Cheap Energy- James Kuntsler

James Howard Kuntsler
March 14, 2012
Davis Center- Silver Maple Ballroom
Cheryl Morse,

James Howard Kunstler is  author of "Geography of Nowhere", "Home from Nowhere",  "The Long Emergency" and a number of other books and blogs (  A compelling and forceful truthteller, Kuntsler will lay out a vision of a world dependent on cheap energy and approaching a devastating turning point--a turning point that will return the nation to a place where community matters, where neighbors gather and people build places they value.

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Clean Energy Fund

A Fresh New Brand: UVM's Clean Energy Fund's New Logo

CEF Logo

For the past three years, UVM's Clean Energy Fund did not have a logo associated with this student initiative. This month the CEF Committee decided on a final design for the CEF logo after a couple months of reviewing drafts and giving feedback to student graphic artist, Coln Arisman '12, on he design. The committee wanted the following elements in the logo: a recognizable renewable energy source, a symbol that harks to Vermont, and emphasize that the CEF is a student initiative.

Clean Energy Fund


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