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Clean Energy Fund

CHA Selected to Conduct a Comprehensive Renewable Energy Feasibility Study for CEF

On February 24, 2012, a Request for Proposal released for a Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study. This project was proposed in Fall 2010 and awarded funding from UVM's Clean Energy Fund in spring 2011.

Clean Energy Fund

CEF Awards $102K to Four Projects for 2011-2012

Four projects have been approved for funding from the Clean Energy Fund Committee. Nearly $102,000 will be awarded to the selected projects, pulling from the $225,000 generated each year from the Clean Energy Fund (CEF). The Clean Energy Fund assesses UVM undergraduate and graduate students a $10 fee each semester to establish new clean energy projects on and around the UVM campus.

Awarded projects include the following:

Clean Energy Fund

CEF Internship Program

The CEF sponsors student internships dedicated to clean energy on campus. Applications for these funds from internship sponsors and applications for internships from interested students will be received and evaluated on a rolling basis.  Internships are based on current projects awarded CEF funding (see CEF Projects Portfolio).

Possible internships may include: campus energy management, energy accounting, energy mapping, installations & feasibility studies, outreach and marketing, and multimedia documentation.

James Howard Kunstler Explains What "The End of Cheap Energy" Will Mean For Us All

Transition has been the keyword of my semester. My internship with the Clean Energy Fund has served as my transition between being a student and being a graduate. My work has focused on promoting speakers who help others to understand how to transition – whether that transition is away from fossil fuels, into resilient communities, or towards our personal and collective futures.

Clean Energy Fund

by Julia Breul '12, Clean Energy Fund Intern, 2011-2012


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