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Experience experience experience. That is what an internship entails; work experience, social experience, life experience. This internship has me enthused at the fact that I will have an experience of learning and creating, putting all my knowledge to the test. The Clean Energy Fund internship started with meeting the internship team, talking about our tasks and responsibilities, what we would like to gain from our experience, and what our advisors wanted from us.

Clean Energy Fund

by Kierstin Wall '13, CEF Summer Outreach Intern

Week 1


Over the first week and a half of the Clean Energy Fund internship we have begun outlining the basic deliverables for the overall project and subsequently scheduling out the allotted work. The first few days consisted of meetings with both the UVM staff as well as the on-site CHA team members. I also met briefly with the construction team at the Miller Research Farm Equine Center to discuss the time frame for the solar installation.

Clean Energy Fund

by Jack Lehrecke '12, CEF Summer Intern

Compost Power: Using Compost Power to Heat a Greenhouse

2011-12 Projects
Project Timeline: 
07/2012 to 07/2013
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Infrastructure

This project involves onsite composting as the heat source for an existing greenhouse structure at Slade Hall. In addition, it will produce organic vegetables and compost, and support student internships and learning experiences on campus.

Clean Energy Internship Program

This pilot project in Summer 2016 is creating opportunities for energy-related internships by developing, administering, and piloting an internship program. The intent of the project is to connect students with energy-related businesses. Internship stipends are $2500 per student for summer work occurring in Summer 2016. Additionally, this award will provide funds for a one-day training for interns and their respective organizations. 

James Howard Kunstler Explains What "The End of Cheap Energy" Will Mean For Us All

Transition has been the keyword of my semester. My internship with the Clean Energy Fund has served as my transition between being a student and being a graduate. My work has focused on promoting speakers who help others to understand how to transition – whether that transition is away from fossil fuels, into resilient communities, or towards our personal and collective futures.

Clean Energy Fund

by Julia Breul '12, Clean Energy Fund Intern, 2011-2012

James Howard Kunstler and The End of Cheap Energy



James Howard Kunstler has written eight novels, including Geography of Nowhere, Home from Nowhere, and The Long Emergency, countless articles, essays and blogs ( when the scene outside his window, on his street—on most of the cities and streets in America—caught his attention. “…the tragic landscape of highway strips, parking lots, housing tracts, mega-malls, junked cities, and ravaged countryside that makes up the everyday environment where most Americans live and work.”

Clean Energy Fund

Central Heating and Cooling Plant

Just before Valentine’s Day, Gioia (Director of the Office of Sustainability) and I headed to the Central Heating and Cooling Plant, housed in the brick annex just behind the Royal Tyler Theatre in the middle of campus.   Walk through the unassuming red door in the rear of the building, and the sound of the massive boilers is overwhelming: we had to shout our greeting to Michael Wells, Supervisor and Operating Engineer.  It was a mild day (characteristic of

Clean Energy Fund

by Katharan M Blofson, Clean Energy Fund Education & Outreach Graduate Assistant

The End of Cheap Energy- James Kuntsler

James Howard Kuntsler
March 14, 2012
Davis Center- Silver Maple Ballroom
Cheryl Morse,

James Howard Kunstler is  author of "Geography of Nowhere", "Home from Nowhere",  "The Long Emergency" and a number of other books and blogs (  A compelling and forceful truthteller, Kuntsler will lay out a vision of a world dependent on cheap energy and approaching a devastating turning point--a turning point that will return the nation to a place where community matters, where neighbors gather and people build places they value.

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Clean Energy Fund


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