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Clean Energy Fund

Energy Action Seminar: New, Inventive Renewable Energy Technology

On November 10th, the Energy Action Seminar hosted a panel of experts from various energy companies. The hour-long panel discussion focused on new, exciting technologies in production that are beginning to play important roles in the transition away from nonrenewable energy sources.

Clean Energy Fund

by Charles Martin '16, Sustainability Intern

UVM Engineers Build Tiny Renewable Wind Turbine for Developing World

[Written by Joshua E. Brown] .00002 miles per hour might remind you of a bad day on the interstate. But that’s how fast some bamboo can grow: up to 35 inches every day — a world record. It’s a grass that can, in a few months, grow as tall as a tree. And, as it grows on, say, a mountainside in China or Chile, it gets hammered by the wind. But it doesn’t break. It flexes and resists, using the power of the sun to grow up and the power of the wind to grow strong. [READ MORE]

Clean Energy Fund

Student Project to City Plan

Six months after they graduated from the University of Vermont, Tad Cooke and Erick Crockenberg are still working on a senior project. Think of it as an epic “incomplete,” an extracurricular undertaking that has segued directly into millions of dollars of advanced graduate studies. Written by Andrew Nemethy. READ MORE



Tad & Erick presenting at TEDx Talk

Clean Energy Fund

Off-Campus Student Energy Conservation Study

2013-14 Projects
Project Timeline: 
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Research

CEF funds will be used to provide home energy devices (HEDs) to UVM students living off-campus in Burlington, at no (or, a subsidized) cost. These devices connect to residential smart meters and make available real-time energy consumption information. Burlington Electric Department is in the process of deploying Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in the city, but choices of how, when, and whether or not to use HEDs have not yet been made. 


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