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Clean Energy Fund Projects

UVM Central Heat Plant - Solar Array Upgrade & Optimization

2012-13 Projects
Project Timeline: 
05/2013 to 05/2014
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Infrastructure

This was a two-phase project.  The first phase upgraded the existing solar array panels, a 4.8-kW system installed in 2001, on the UVM Central Heating Plant. Inverters were installed to existing panels, enhancing the public access to data via a dashboard system. The second phase involved the installation of additional 29.8- kW solar panels with new technology on the UVM Central Heating Plant. The dashboard system for the upgrade and new installation helps compare two solar panel systems of differing ages. 

Clean Energy Fund Committee Approves Two New Projects

Two projects have been approved by the Clean Energy Fund Committee. Nearly $179,800 will be awarded to the selected projects, pulling from the $225,000 generated each year from the Clean Energy Fund. The Clean Energy Fund assesses UVM undergraduate and graduate students a $10 fee each semester to establish new clean energy education, research and installation projects on and around the UVM campus. 

Clean Energy Fund

CHA Presentation on CEF Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

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presented on November 13, 2012 by Jack Honor from Clough, Harbour & Associates (CHA), the firm who conducted the Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study (CCREFS) for the Clean Energy Fund

Up and running: CEF's Virtualized Desktop Computer Pilot Project

A couple weeks ago, CEF Fellow Kate Blofson interviewed Nick Gingrow, IT Professional for BSAD, on the Virtualized Desktop Computer project. This project was proposed in 2011 and approved in 2012. To learn more, check out the VDI project profile

And watch the interview on Vimeo:

Clean Energy Fund

Green Funds 2.0: The Nitty-Gritty of Campus Sustainability Fund Management from the Ground Up

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External Resources

prepared by Mieko Ozeki, Katherine Walsh (UC Berkeley), Kevin Ordean (Northern Arizona University), Lilith Wyatt (McGill University), Melody Hartke (North American University), and McKenzie Beverage (University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign) and presented at the AASHE 2012 Conference.

134 Solar Panels Installed at Spear Street Farm, Financed by Student Fund


Written by Jeffrey R. Wakefield, University Communications

When students left the University of Vermont campus in May, the roof of the Ellen A. Hardacre Equine Center at the university’s research farm on Spear Street, the Paul Miller Research Center, was a familiar stretch of corrugated red metal.

Clean Energy Fund

Final Weeks

With the Equine Center Solar PV project completed and the final Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study reports being written, these Clean Energy Fund projects are winding down. My outreach duties have not however, and with the final weeks of the internship coming to an end I have been working on multiple press releases, an information pamphlet for the Equine Center, and reflecting on what I have learned over the past weeks and how these new skills will affect my future career.

Clean Energy Fund

by Kierstin Wall '13, CEF Summer Outreach Intern


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