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Campus Sustainability

Envisioning Environment Public Forum

October 17, 2012
Waterman Memorial Lounge


Environmentally-engaged Outreach Programs 

As a part of its campus-wide inventory of environmentally-engaged outreach, research, and education, the Envisioning Environment committee will be holding weekly public forums on Wednesdays, 4-6pm.   All are welcome to attend.

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“Envisioning Environment at UVM” – Announcing Public Forums


The Envisioning Environment committee has prepared preliminary plans for conducting a campus-wide inventory of environmentally-engaged outreach, research, and education. This inventory will be developed through several formats, with information to be collected and posted on the provost’s web site for public access.  These formats include:

Leadership Capacity, Diversity, and Communications in Campus Sustainability

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External Resources

published in Sustainability: The Journal of Record. This is a roundtable discussion involving four Senior Fellows from the Enivironmental Leadership Program (ELP) in the campus sustainability field.

Plugging into the Smart Grid: How College and Universities Can Get Involved

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External Resources

prepared and presented by Mieko A. Ozeki, Sustainability Projects Coordinator, at the Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference on April 2, 2012 at Syracuse University.

Developing a Campus Sustainability Map

The UVM Office of Sustainability is taking lead on an exciting new project to develop and launch an interactive map of sustainability on campus. This builds on inspirational examples of campus sustainability maps elsewhere at places such as University of Michigan and Ball State University.

by Steve Posner, M.S., Sustainability Fellow and Eco-Reps Program Coordinator

Permaculture on Campus

Permaculture is a regenerative strategy that restores ecosystem health through sustanable and mindful design. Large green areas on campus should be used to create native, edible landscapes that will supply dining services and students with a local and organic food source. This will reduce our reliance on fuel for food transportation, serve as an educational medium, and involve the UVM community with the source of the food they consume.  Compost from campus facilities could be kept on campus and be used to build and maintain soil health for the permaculture plots.


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