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Campus Sustainability

Spring 2014 Campus Sustainability Projects

During the spring 2014 semester, the ENVS 187 Campus Sustainability course focused on key operational aspects of campus sustainability using our own campus as a case study. This Service-Learning course was co-taught by Tarah Rowse and Elizabeth Palchak with Gioia Thompson as the lead instructor.

Understanding and advancing campus sustainability using a systems framework

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published in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. Stephen Posner and co-author Ralph Stuart describe university campuses as complex systems and develop a conceptual model for understanding and evaluating leverage points of change toward sustainability.

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Campus Sustainability Discussion Lists and Electronic Newsletters

Campus Sustainability Discussion Lists and Electronic Newsletters

National / International

  • AASHE Campus Sustainability Discussion Forums
    A public forum for anyone with an interest in learning about or contributing to the growing body of knowledge on campus sustainability. The forums are organized to cover key topics in education and research, campus operations, and campus planning, engagement and administration.



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