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Bottled Water

The Impact of Changes in Beverage Options on Beverage Choice, Calorie and Added Sugars Consumption on a University Campus

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Objective: To understand how changes in beverage options at the University of Vermont impacted the beverage choices, and calorie and added sugars consumption of the campus community.Participants: Nine vendors shipped bottled beverages to campus locations over three consecutive semesters. Method: Using shipments as a proxy for consumption, changes in beverage choices, per capita calories, sugars, and added sugars were compared across semesters.

National Public Radio Reports UVM Leading the Trend in Banning Bottled Water

AP/Toby Talbot

As classes resume for a new semester, NPR’s “Morning Edition” notes that bottled water will no longer be for sale on the UVM campus, the largest public university in the country to take the stand against environmental waste. Retrofitted stations for students to refill reusable bottles with tap water are now readily available.


UVM Celebrates End of Bottled Water Sales With Bottled Water ‘Retirement Party’

Beginning January 2013, the University of Vermont will no longer sell bottled water on its campus – in vending machines, retail outlets or dining halls. To remind students of this coming water-bottle-free future and to celebrate the accomplishment, the university held a Bottled Water Retirement Party on Dec. 5. 



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