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March, 2015

From STARS to STAR Communities: Helping Cities Track Sustainability Performance

Presented by Mieko Ozeki, Sustainability Projects Coordinator, and STAR Communities intern Daniel Baker '15 at the 2015 Smart & Sustainable Campus Communities in Baltimore, MD...


June, 2013

Teaching Sustainability at UVM

Written by UVM Office of Sustainability. This report is on UVM's Sustainability Faculty Fellows program.  PDF version


November, 2012

Renewable Possibilities at the University of Vermont

Written by Mieko Ozeki for the November 2012 issue of ACUPCC Implementer, a monthly newsletter produced by Second Nature, on UVM's Comprehensive Renewable Energy Feasibility...
October, 2012

Mapping Renewable Energy Potential on Campus: A Case Study of a Strategic Green Fund Project

prepared by Mieko Ozeki, Michelle Smith, and Gioia Thompson. It was presented at the 2012 AASHE Conference.  Wonder where the best solar, wind, geothermal opportunities are...
May, 2012

What’s the Catch? An Analysis of Seafood Sustainability at the University of Vermont

Senior thesis presentation and report by Sara Cleaver '12, Environmental Studies major.  Abstract Humans are fishing the oceans at a rate much faster than marine...
May, 2012

Votey Solar Roof Array Test Facility

presented by 2012 senior capstone student team, which included:Gabrielle DaGama '12 (Mechanical Engineering),Shane Bluto '12 (Mechanical Engineerign),Anthony Lauzon '...
April, 2012

Why Sustainability Is Important For Your Housekeeping Organization

presented by Leslye Kornegay, Director of Custodial Service, and Paul Campo, Quality Assurance Coordinator, at the 2012 Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference in...
April, 2012

Campus Transportation Model

presented by Aaron Witham, UVM Transportation Research Scholar, at the 2012 Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference in Syracuse, NY.
January, 2012

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Climate Action Plan Lecture

prepared by Anna Mika, Sustainability Fellow at the Office of Sustainability for ENVS 187 Campus Sustainability class guest lecture.
January, 2012

UVM GHG Inventory 1990-2011

prepared by Anna Mika, Sustainability Fellow at the Office of Sustainability.


December, 2011

Votey Roof Solar Tracker Test Facility

presented by Tony Lauzon '12 and Alex Hilshey, graduate student, at the December Environmental Forum.
November, 2011

UVM Custodial Sustainability Narrative

prepared and presented by Leslye Kornegay and Paul Campos from Custodial Services for November 2011 Environmental Forum meeting. 
October, 2011

Understanding, Teaching, and Influencing Campus Sustainability from a Systems Perspective

prepared and presented by Stephen Posner and Anna Mika for the AASHE 2011 Conference at Pittsburgh, PA. It includes a systems diagram of STARS data for UVM, and describes how we...
October, 2011

Environmental Stewardship - Walking the Walk Within the Student Union

Want to learn about the environmental stewardship practices at the Davis Center? Check out this wonderful Prezi presentation by Allen Josey, Director of Operations & Events...
August, 2011

Greening Your Workplace

prepared by Erica Spiegel, Solid Waste & Recycling Manager, and Corey Berman, Recycling Program Coordinator.
June, 2011

Co-evolution of a University Sustainability Program with a Campus Sustainability Course

created by Gioia Thompson, Ralph Stuart, Michelle Smith, and Steve Posner.
May, 2011

University Of Vermont Eco-Reps: Addressing Program Visibility And Awareness On Campus

Senior thesis research and written by Winter Heath '11. ABSTRACTIn the past six years the University of Vermont (UVM) Eco-Reps Program has become well-established among a...
April, 2011

Real Food @ UVM presentation

presented by Ali Nord '11 at the Environmental Forum on April 20, 2011.
April, 2011

Service learning ENVS 187: Campus Sustainability presentation

presented by Steve Posner at the Environmental Forum on April 20, 2011.
March, 2011

Bike User's Group presentation on Bike Share program

presented by Jesse Simmons '11 on March 16, 2011 at Environmental Forum meeting.
February, 2011

Creating a Professional Portfolio

prepared by Mieko A. Ozeki for green jobs presentations on campus. This handout provides guidelines on assembling a professional portfolio, which reflects an individual's...
February, 2011

UVM Beverage Contract

presented by Erica Spiegel, Recycling Manager, and Gioia Thompson, Sustainability Director.


December, 2010

Drinking Water at UVM

presented by Jacob Lent, Rachel Meyer, and Michelle Marion for ENVS 195: Toxics Policy and the Public. 
October, 2010

Student Green Fee Management and Project Implementation

Presented at AASHE 2010 by Mieko Ozeki.
October, 2010

From Eco-Clutter to Integrated Systems: Student Green Fees as a Learning

Presented at AASHE 2010 Conference by Mieko Ozeki and James Wilcox
August, 2010

Sustainability Faculty Fellow Case Study

by Tatiana Abatemarco, Stephanie Kaza, Wendy Verrei-Berrenback
April, 2010

UVM Campus Sustainability: STARS Environmental Management System

Presented by Asim Zia at April 2010 Environmental Forum on his CDAE 295 class' documentation and presentation on the Planning, Administration, and Engagement (PAE) credits...
February, 2010

Miller Farm Anaerobic Digester Study Phase II, for Smaller 2010 Herd plus Campus Organics

prepared by Forcier, Aldrich & Associates.


December, 2009

Composting Facility Feasibility Study

prepared by Highlands Institute with PSS 154.
December, 2009

UVM Composting Facility Proposal

prepared by PSS 154 students.
October, 2009

UVM Wind Turbine Project Timeline (2005)

This document provides a timeline on the implementation of the 10-kW wind turbine on campus, located on the corner of Main Street and East Street. The press release from...
July, 2009

Miller Farm Composting Facility proposal by Plant & Soil Science class

prepared by Plant & Soil Science 154.
July, 2009

UVM GHG Inventory 1990-2008

prepared by the Office of Sustainability.
June, 2009

University of Vermont Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2008

by Gioia Thompson and Eleanor Cambpell '09. Report to the ACUPCC on UVM's greenhouse gas emissions from 1990-2008.
June, 2009

Green is Good: The Guide to Green Living at UVM (3rd Edition)

by UVM Recycling and the Office of Sustainability.
April, 2009

Miller Farm Anaerobic Digester Study Phase I, for 2009 Dairy Herd

prepared by Forcier, Aldrich & Associates.
March, 2009

UVM Eco-Reps Program Coordinator Manual

Created by Deb Perry, Coordinator, 2004-2006. Updated by Christina Erickson, Coordinator, 2006-2010.
January, 2009

University Dining Services and Local Foods

presented by Kate Turcotte '09.


December, 2008

Survey of Environmental Behaviors in UVM Residence Halls: Report on Findings

by Christina Erickson, former Eco-Reps Coordinator and Sustainability Fellow.
October, 2008

Custodial Paper Fact Sheet

by Katherine Devine '11, Sustainability Intern, and Gioia Thompson. Reviews progress on the environmental attributes of paper products used in restrooms
October, 2008

The Presidents’ Climate Commitment & the University of Vermont

presentation created by Gioia Thompson and Taylor Lalemand '09. An overview of the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) and UVM...
September, 2008

Student Influence on the Green Movement: UVM as a Case Study

presented by Tatiana Abatemarco '11 and Christina Erickson '10, Sustainability Fellows.
May, 2008

Opportunities for Anaerobic Digester at UVM

Student thesis prepared by Nikola Janjic '08. 
April, 2008

Air Travel Offsets Memo

Memo to UVM Adminstration, written by David Purcell '09, discussing implications of air travel offsets and the ACUPCC.
April, 2008

UVM Climate Action Plan-Initial Research

presented by Taylor Lalemand '09.


May, 2007

Re-Tracking UVM

presented by ENVS 295: Campus Sustainability class to senior administrators.


August, 2006

Watts in the Wind @ UVM

prepared and presented by Richard Wolbach, UVM Energy Manager, on UVM's small-scale wind turbine.  
May, 2006

2006 Eco-Reps Program Report

presented by Debra Perry, former Eco-Reps Coordinator, to Environmental Council (now called Environmental Forum).
April, 2006

Buying Copier Paper at UVM

Brochure created by Natalia Fajardo '07 and Taylor Lalemand '09.
April, 2006

Bioretention Rain Garden

by Maeve McBride & UVM-AWRA.
April, 2006

Building Relationships between VT Agriculture and UVM Dining Services 2005-2006

Progress Report created by University Dining Services intern, Jack Parmer.
April, 2006

Slade Greenhouse Revival

presented by Slade Hall residents at Environmental Council (now called Environmental Forum) meeting.
April, 2006

2006 Transportation Survey

compiled by Diana Butler, Emily Cherkin, Tristam Coffin,Louis Erickson, John Rawley, Jeff Schles.
March, 2006

Transportation & the Environmental University

created and presented by Transportation and Parking Services.
February, 2006

Rethinking Waste: UVM Recycling Update

presented by Erica Spiegel at AFS Quarterly meeting.


December, 2005

Responsible Horse Keeping on the UVM Campus

presented by Dr. Betsy Greene, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at UVM's Equine Science Program.


December, 2002

Tracking UVM: An Environmental Report Card for the University of Vermont (1990-2000)

by Gioia Thompson. Open publication - Free publishing - More environment
August, 2002

Biodiesel Bus Project Website

by Sandra O'Flaherty '03,
March, 2002

Biodiesel Bus Emissions Analysis

by Alison Donovan '03.

Green Building at UVM

Over the last decade, the University of Vermont has invested in constructing new, welcoming, high-performance facilities, and in renovating existing facilities using innovative...