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External Resources

Resources in this section relate to broader campus sustainability issues and initiatives.


December, 2013

How-to Guide: Campus Green Fund Implementation

Co-authored by Mieko A. Ozeki, Sustainability Projects Coordinator at UVM. Developed in partnership with the Campus Green Funds Collaborative and the Association for the...
September, 2013

Strengthening Relationships by Removing Blame: Constructive Relationships with Difficult Stakeholders

co-presented by Mieko A. Ozeki and Dallase Scott from GreenerU at the 2013 New England Campus Sustainability Forum on September 20th. 
July, 2013

Understanding and advancing campus sustainability using a systems framework

published in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. Stephen Posner and co-author Ralph Stuart describe university campuses as complex systems and develop...


October, 2012

Sustainability Officers 1.0 to 2.0 Toolkit: Strategic and Sane Workload Management of People, Projects, and Programs on Your Campus

prepared by Mieko Ozeki, Lindsey Cromwell Kalkbrenner (Santa Clara University), Tavey McDaniel Capps (Duke University), and Smith Getterman (Baylor University) and...
October, 2012

Green Funds 2.0: The Nitty-Gritty of Campus Sustainability Fund Management from the Ground Up

prepared by Mieko Ozeki, Katherine Walsh (UC Berkeley), Kevin Ordean (Northern Arizona University), Lilith Wyatt (McGill University), Melody Hartke (North American University),...
May, 2012

A Deeper Look: The Role of Green Funds on Campuses

published in AASHE's 2011 Higher Education Sustainability Review, Mieko Ozeki (UVM Sustainability Projects Coordinator) contributed a white paper on campus sustainability...
April, 2012

Plugging into the Smart Grid: How College and Universities Can Get Involved

prepared and presented by Mieko A. Ozeki, Sustainability Projects Coordinator, at the Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference on April 2, 2012 at Syracuse University...
April, 2012

Leadership Capacity, Diversity, and Communications in Campus Sustainability

published in Sustainability: The Journal of Record. This is a roundtable discussion involving four Senior Fellows from the Enivironmental Leadership Program (ELP) in the campus...
March, 2012

Designing, Implementing, and Project Managing Campus Green Funds

Presented on March 21, 2012 at Ball State University's Greening of the Campus IX Conference by Mieko Ozeki, Sustainability Projects Coordinator and Clean Energy Fund Manager....
February, 2012

Amy Seidl's Climate Adaptation Lecture at Fletcher Free Library

Lecture given by Amy Seidl, author of Finding HIgher Ground: Adaptation in the Age of Warming and UVM lecturer, at the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington on February 8, 2012.Link...
January, 2012

List of Project Management Resources

This is a companion resource page to Mieko A. Ozeki's webinar, "Project Management Toolkit for Environmental Leaders: Organizational Strategies for Long-Term...
January, 2012

Project Management Strategies for the Environmental Leader

Do you feel like you have a million projects going on at your organization? Are you having a difficult time keeping track of and managing these projects? This webinar will discuss...


October, 2011

Sustainability Officers Project Management Tool Kit

prepared and presented by Mieko A. Ozeki at AASHE 2011 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.AbstractDo you feel like you have a million projects going on at your campus? Are you having a...
October, 2011

Designing and Implementing a Robust and Sustainable Campus Green Fund: Recommendations from Sustainability Officers

prepared and presented by Mieko A. Ozeki at AASHE 2011 Conference in Pittsburgh.Open publication - Free publishing - More college
September, 2011

A conceptual model for laboratory ventilation greenhouse gas planning

We use insights from environmental management systems, systems science, and ecological economics to develop the basis for a management model of the balance between laboratory...
June, 2011

Ethics in the Local Food Movement: An Interdisciplinary Humanist Exploration

Doctoral dissertation defense presented by Tatiana Abatemarco '11, Sustainability Fellow. 
April, 2011

Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid in Vermont: Challenges and Opportunities

presented by Paul Hines at the Vermont Clean Cities Coalition stakeholders meeting on April 27, 2011.


December, 2010

Student Green Fund Implementation in U.S. Colleges and Universities from 1973-2010

by Mieko A. Ozeki as a fulfillment of requirements for a Master of Liberal Arts in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard Extension School. College campuses...
October, 2010

Student Green Fee Management and Project Implementation

prepared and presented by Mieko A. Ozeki at AASHE 2010 Conference.
May, 2010

Peer To Peer Sustainability Outreach Programs: The Interface Of Education And Behavior Change

A doctoral dissertation written by Christina Erickson, Ph.D. Class of 2010. AbstractThe current climate change crisis demands immediate and creative approaches for systemic...


October, 2009

6th Annual Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference

The University of Vermont in partnership with Middlebury College hosted the 6th Annual Northeast Campus Sustainabilty Consortium Conference on October 26-27, 2009. NECSC...


September, 2005

An Introduction to Campus Environmental Sustainability Indicators

by the Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium's Indicators Working Group and created for Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence.Authors:Gioia Thompson, University...