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Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program

The Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program seeks to develop a learning community—a multidisciplinary faculty cohort engaged in a yearlong exploration of sustainability, the scholarship of teaching, learning, collaboration and community building.


The University of Vermont Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program is a model for successful implementation of sustainability education across disciplinary boundaries.  Welcoming its first cohort of faculty fellows in the fall of 2009, the program includes several luncheons throughout the semesters, and a winter retreat.  The cohorts include faculty members from across the disciplines at UVM.  The faculty fellows program is characterized by an enthusiastic, broadly interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and support for exploring the concept of sustainability and applying it to undergraduate education.


The Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program at the University of Vermont is a joint endeavor supported by the Office of Sustainability, The Environmental Program, The Center for Teaching and Learning, and the GreenHouse Residential Learning Community in partnership with Shelburne Farms and supported by the Office of the Provost.  The program comes out of a desire to harness the enormous interest in sustainability, not only in students, but in faculty at UVM.  The goal of the program is to create a learning community for faculty across the disciplines to receive support and develop skills to implement sustainability concepts into their courses.

Two of the project partners: Stephanie Kaza (director of the Environmental Program) and Wendy Verrei-Berenback (director of the Center for Teaching and Learning) attended AASHE’s “Sustainability Across The Curriculum Leadership Program” in January 2009.


The Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program’s goals are aligned with the institutional goal of becoming the nation’s premier environmental university. This collaboration is a unique partnership of University’s academic, operational, teaching, and co-curricular units, modeling how solving complex problems require interdisciplinary perspectives.  The three objectives of the program are:

  1. Create a community of faculty who are committed to infusing interdisciplinary approaches to environmental sustainability into the UVM curriculum. 
  2. Enhance the understanding of environmental sustainability concepts among faculty and students, particularly those not trained in environmental fields. 
  3. Explore teaching and course design strategies that will engage students in environmental sustainability from a multidisciplinary approach.

Check out the 2010 news story "Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program Concludes Inaugural Year" for more information on the nature and early success of the program.

The attached poster provides an example of one course developed by a UVM Sustainability Faculty Fellow: Greening Healthcare Systems.

Current Fellows (2013-2014)


  1. Sarah Abrams, Nursing
  2. Carol Adair, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
  3. Lisa Aultman-Hall, Transportation Research Center and Engineering
  4. William Cats-Baril, Business
  5. David Conner, Community Development and Applied Economics
  6. Christina Fearon, Fleming Museum
  7. Alice Fothergill, Sociology
  8. Jason Garbarino, Nursing
  9. Allen Josey, Davis Center
  10. Dawei Li, Human genetics
  11. Ingrid Nelson, Geography
  12. Bob Parsons, Community Development and Applied Economics
  13. Julia Perdrial, Geology
  14. Matthew Poynter, Medicine
  15. David Raphael, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
  16. Ting Tan, Civil and Environmental Engineering



  1. Robert Buchanan, Goddard
  2. Hadley Bunting, Champlain


The program is presented by:

Coordinating Committee

Stephanie Kaza, Professor and Director, Environmental Program
Wendy Verrei-Berenback, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
Gioia Thompson, Director, Office of Sustainability
Walter Poleman, Director, Greenhouse Residential Learning Community
Tarah Rowse, Graduate College Fellow, Office of Sustainability
Jennifer Cirillo, Director of Professional Development, Shelburne Farms


Additional details can be found here: The Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program page on The Center for Teaching and Learning website

For questions regarding the program or application process, contact 656-0895 or