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Hybrid Street Lamp System with Helix Bamboo Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

Project Timeline: 
May, 2013 to May, 2015
Project Progress: 

This project is a hybrid street lamp system using dynamic LED lights powered by a combination of helix bamboo wind turbines and solar panels. Energy harvested from wind and solar during the daytime is stored in a battery to ensure the lighting in the night through an integrated control system. By simulating microstructure features of natural bamboo, innovative carbon fiber composites will be used to fabricate a parallel system. Energy efficiencies of both the natural and artificial bamboo systems will be compared for further analysis. This project is currently underway in Fall 2013, led by Professors Ting Tan and Tian Xia from the College of Engineering & Mathematics, and by a senior student team from the Student Experience in Engineering Design (SEED) program.  

Clean Energy Fund Award: $24,800

Project Champions: College of Engineering & Mathematical Science


5/2014: SEED Team technical presentation.






SEED Team- Hybrid Street Lamp from UVM Sustain on Vimeo.

4/2014: Prototype is in testing stage. Senior design night presentation of prototype by students.

2/2014 Prototype design is in final stages of Research and Development. Three additional engineering students are involved. We will be coordinating the installation of the proto-type in March. The site of the proto-type installation is being investigated. 

12/2013The testing matrix of the wind turbine structure is complete, and the electrical circuit has been tested. Next, the research team will fabricate blade sections and brushes, assemble the bottom, and integrate solar panels and battery. This is a SEEDS project for Senior Engineering students, in association with the Engineering Department. 

11/2013: The wind turbine substructure sketch has been completed, and the PCB board has been upgraded to include LEDs.  

11/2013:  Both the matrix of the wind turbine structure and the circuit have been tested, and the final design for the project has been determined.  

10/2013:  Brushes have been developed, the connectors have been printed via 3D printing, and the PCB board has been tested.

9/2013: The PCB board has almost been completed, and is awaiting testing.  


5/2014: Presentation video of project via Youtube

4/2014: Short movies and pictures of prototype.  

2/2013: Proposal presentation

2013 CEF Project Presentations (1 of 2) on February 13, 2013 from UVM Sustain on Vimeo.