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CleanSpeed: A Student Developed Zero Emissions Vehicle

Project Timeline: 
July, 2012 to May, 2013
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Education

UVM's Alternative Energy Racing Organization (AERO) built an all-electric, zero emissions race car over the course of 2012-2013 academic year.  A race-ready vehicle was ready in time for the 2013 International Formula Hybrid Competition in May 2013, where CleanSpeed placed 2nd in the electric division. The team worked on a second iteration of the vehicle, using the existing structure in 2013-2014 for the 2014 International Formula Hybrid Competition

Leveraging the knowledge accumulated since AERO’s inception and over the course of the development and construction of three generations of hybrid GreenSpeed vehicles, AERO's goal was to design, test, and race a zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) in FHIC’s recently added all-electric class. The ZEV project is called CleanSpeed

The University of Vermont Alternative Energy Racing Organization is a student run group that works for the advocacy, research, and development of alternative energy drive systems. This organization is modeled after a progressive engineering firm. Jeff Frolik, Associate Professor at the School of Engineering, serves as AERO's club advisor. 

CEF Award: $38,200
Final Project Cost: $23,469 (CleanSpeed 1.0)

Project Champions: UVM AERO and College of Engineering and Mathematics


5/12/2014: Update from Braedon Lohe: "Over the last year, AERO has redesigned and refined our electric car, CleanSpeed. Major changes include new battery enclosures, designed to be more structurally robust and easier to cool. Additionally, the rear suspension was completely rebuilt, eliminating bump steer and increasing camber adjustability, vastly improving handling and performance in corners. We overhauled our electrical system, installing a more powerful motor controller and a new data acquisition system which can transmit car data such as speed, instantaneous battery current, individual battery cell voltages and temperatures, and more over WiFi to any computer or Bluetooth to our custom Android application.

All this adds up to an IEEE award for Excellence in Electrical Vehicle Engineering, and second place in the Formula Hybrid International Competition. We had the fastest acceleration, second fastest autocross, and we were the only team to be ready to drive during the scheduled times of each individual event. One of our greatest achievements was making it through electrical technical inspection on our first try, thanks to the monumental efforts of Andrew Giroux."

5/1/2014: SEED team present on the technical apsects of the carbon fiber monocoque for AERO's CleanSpeed.


SEED Team- AERO Carbon Monocoque from UVM Sustain on Vimeo.

4/25/2014: Senior design night presentation, SEED team presents on developing a carbon fiber monocoque for CleanSpeed. SEED Team is composed of senior Zak Codington, Jordan Factor, Tyler Gold, and Scott Patterson. Project poster.

11/18/2013: Update letter from Team AERO.

9/11/2013: CEF Committee recommends AERO use remaining funds from award toward CleanSpeed 1.5. 

5/2/2013: AERO placed 2nd this week in the electric division of the Formula Hybrid International Competition.  AERO's car, CleanSpeed, posted the fastest electric acceleration and electric autocross times and was one of only four cars (electric or hybrid) to compete in all dynamic components of the event. READ MORE


1/12/2013Thank you letter and update from Team AERO

12/14/2012:  AERO has had a great semester. We have made significant progress in the production of our zero-emissions all-electric race car, Project CleanSpeed. With the support of the University of Vermont Clean Energy Fund we plan to implement a leading edge vehicle in the spring. The frame is complete. The suspension and drivetrain will be done pending some custom fabrication. The motor, batteries, wheels, tires, brakes, and steering is all in house awaiting assembly. We hope to have the wheels spinning by the end of January. New CleanSpeed brochure.

Picture of CleanSpeed frame.

2/8/2012: AERO presents idea for CleanSpeed to Clean Energy Fund Committee. Presentation can be found here.


5/2014: Photos from 2014 International Formula One Hybrid Competition.

Project videos and updates on Vimeo:


5/2/2013: Photos taken by Kathryn LoConte Lapierre of the competition.

Youtube Videos of AERO Performance:


4/24/2013: AERO's test drive via helmet camera.

CEF AERO CleanSpeed- Jeff Frolik.mp4 from UVM Sustain on Vimeo.


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