University of Vermont

Jeffords Hall

Clean Energy Fund Implementation and Education Program

Project Timeline: 
September, 2010
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Program Operations

This program is designed to support the implementation of CEF projects and connecting projects with academic activities on campus. The following components fo the program is the annual budget. 

Education and outreach coordination ($32,000):

To support student involvement and other goals of the fund, a new graduate assistant position housed in the Office of Sustainability runs a university-wide program based on CEF projects. The graduate assistant works closely with the committee, the GreenHouse, CDAE Renewable Energy courses 06 and 106, and new Energy Auditing course 195 through Continuing Education, as well as Eco-Reps, Slade Hall and perhaps other Service Learning projects.

Project funding for services and materials ($25,000):

This funding would be used to ensure safe, professional installations and appropriate conditions for student involvement. For project installations to be implemented there may be a number of services required, such as engineering, information technology systems work, issuance of RFPs, and hiring of contractors. Many of these services can be provided using existing UVM resources, some without charge and others requiring payment for hours served to be charged to a particular budget and chartstring. Minor charges for materials can also be assigned to this chartstring.

The Green Building Coordinator, Michelle Smith, is willing and able to act as a bridge between the Fellow and the project management activities.

Contingency ($25,000):

This is a budget for unanticipated expenses beyond the Project Management Budget.

These three components would work with the CEF Committee, the Office of Sustainability, and both academic and operations departments.