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Our Mission: The Office of Sustainability aims to foster sustainable development and promote environmental responsibility at the University of Vermont by strategically bridging the academic activities of teaching, research, and outreach with the operations of the University.

11 12 2014

UVM Engineers Build Tiny Renewable Wind Turbine for Developing World

[Written by Joshua E. Brown] .00002 miles per hour might remind you of a bad day on the interstate. But that’s how fast some bamboo...
10 22 2014

UVM Receives Silver for Bicycle Friendly University

The League of American Bicyclists received the University of Vermont with a silver medal as a Bicycle Friendly University.  This...
10 02 2014

Student Project to City Plan

Six months after they graduated from the University of Vermont, Tad Cooke and Erick Crockenberg are still working on a senior project....
Meeting 12 02 2014

Clean Energy Fund Committee Meeting

Monthly Clean Energy Fund Committee meeting. Sustained by a self-imposed student fee of $10 per student per semester, UVM’s Clean...
03 21 2015

UVM Student Advocacy & Leadership Summit

The Student Advocacy & Leadership Summit is an opportunity for students working towards positive change on campus to build coalition...
10 09 2014

Biomimicry - the future of design

By Frederick Hall '15
10 06 2014

Gund Tea: Greenhouse Gas Calculators for Agriculture

By Sophia Hoffacker '16
09 29 2014

Energy Action Seminar: Green Building Design

By Anastassia Medvedeva '16