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2011-2012 Clean Energy Fund student committee members needed

UVM's Clean Energy Fund Committee is seeking four new student committee members for the 2011-2012 academic year. 

We need two undergraduate students and two graduate students to fill these committee posts starting in September.

The mission of the Clean Energy Fund (CEF) is to finance new clean energy projects on the UVM campus and beyond. The source of the fund is a student fee dedicated to clean energy projects; this dedicated fee ($10 per student per semester) is part of a comprehensive fee that UVM collects each semester from full-time undergraduate and graduate students. More info about the CEF can be found at:

A major goal of the Clean Energy Fund is to foster student, staff, and faculty cooperation and involvement. The Office of Sustainability helps review committee member applications, and looks for students who are in favorable academic standing, and exemplary members of the UVM community. Applications are further reviewed by the Student Government Association (SGA) or the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and they make final appointments of committee members. Committee members meet once a month over the academic year and serve 2-year staggered terms to allow year-to-year continuity within the committee.

To apply as a 2011-2012 student committee member:

  1. Please download and fill out the CEF Committee membership application, which can be found at:
  2. Completed applications should be SAVED AS a new PDF with a filename as follows: "YOUR_NAME-CEFC.pdf" (or John_Smith-CEFC.pdf). 
  3. Email application along with your academic schedule to


If you have any questions about the CEF, please email us at Please spread the word to other listservs.