University of Vermont

Green Dorm

Wrapping up Interviews and Editing

by Daniel Hopkins '13, CEF Summer Media Intern

On August 4th, I conducted an interview with Rich Smith, an intern on the technical team whose focus in this project was on geothermal technologies.  We intended to begin the interview around 10am at the library, and move on to filming the survey process at McAuley Hall afterward.  This way, we would know exactly what clips to film in order to match the interview dialogue.  Unfortunately, we both had forgotten Saturday's library hours, which are noon-5pm.  Since we had two hours to fill, I decided to show Rich the interview questions and let him study them for a bit before starting the survey filming.  This process worked out just fine, and our interview went smoothly.  Rich discussed how geothermal technologies work by harnessing the difference in temperature between the ground and the air during different seasons, to create a heat transfer from the ground to a fluid running through underground piping.  He then explained what one must look for in a building and the surrounding area, for a geothermal installation to be considered feasible. 

On August 7th , I completed the interview process with Mieko Ozeki.  Originally, I had intended to get in contact with Bob Vaughan, Director of Capital Planning and Management, to discuss the background of the Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study.  I had heard from Michelle Smith that he would be a prime candidate to talk to about this subject, but due to schedule mismatches and a limited time frame, I was not able to meet with him.  Mieko proved to be equally suited for the position, and our interview went smoothly as well.  A few subjects touched on in this interview were regarding the origin of the CCREFS idea, the key players in this project and how UVM students can keep track of the progress and results of this study.

The last couple weeks have been a very productive time period in this internship.  I've finally begun to see the pieces come together in the video's I've been working on.  I've realized that a couple of the videos may be a bit longer than others, and that I may even have to add a 5th video short.  One thing I think I would have done differently if I had the chance, would be to start planning some of the interviews earlier in the summer.  This would have allowed me to have more time to deal with editing complications, as there always seems to be at least a couple along the way.  It's been very rewarding to see these videos come together, most of them just how planned.  I'm looking forward to presenting these to Mieko and Michelle in the upcoming week!