University of Vermont

Green Dorm

Organization and Time Management

by Kierstin Wall '13, CEF Summer Outreach Intern

I believe the greatest skills I am acquiring from this internship thus far are organization and time management. Working two labor jobs on top of this internship has proven challenging; physically and mentally. Thankfully, I have been able to keep track of my to do lists and use my resources, including my iPhone and Basecamp, a project management software, to organize myself.

This week I scheduled the Equine Center ceremony with UVM. To schedule an event on campus one must use the r25 webviewer system. This system allows you to choose a location on campus you wish to reserve for your event. You must fill out a request form along with codes that ensure you are part of the UVM community who is requesting to use their space. This process is time consuming, requests take long to process, the system logs you out halfway through your form and you must fill everything back in again. Patience is indeed a virtue. Working a field that uses new technologies you must be prepared for the unexpected.

At the end of the form you are asked for set-up details, trying to give Conference and Event Services the most information possible I included where we would need to have the podium and the chairs, when they would need to be set up and that we plan on having Sodexo cater coffee and light food. I went to the farm to look again at where we would place everyone. The podium will be placed somewhere in front of the Equine Center, perhaps near the red x. However, the grass directly in front of that spot, as shown in the picture on the right, is on far too much of a slant to place folding chairs. Instead the guests should be seated farther along the grass, as seen in the picture on the left which seems fairly level, this however, creates a problem because we would like our guests to have a full view of the roof during the ceremony and the placement shown in the picture to the left does not give them a view of the roof.

Another option I took into consideration would be to have the podium in the driveway I front of the Center, as seen in the picture on the left, while the guests may be seated in the driveway, as seen in the picture on the right. This is a large, level area, and our guests would have full view of the roof; however, dust and dirt that can be picked up from a large crowd as well as the need for vehicles to get about could be problematic.

My next task is to relay all the information my fellow interns and I have learned, along with summaries of the Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study, and the Equine Center Solar PV Project, and sum it all together so that any audience may understand what we have accomplished this summer. This task is starting off slow, as gathering information is easy but transforming all the information I have into something comprehendible is the challenge. This is why the next task I have made for myself, is to take all the information I have gathered, both from my own experience and my peer interns and transform it into a Prezi. Prezi is a creative presentation editor, I will use Prezi to visually show the 'journey' each intern and project are on, and at the end I look forward to  put everything into words for my press release pieces.