University of Vermont

Green Dorm

Mind Mapping and Career Exploration

by Kierstin Wall '13, CEF Summer Outreach Intern

The past week I have been working on the final steps to organizing the Equine Center Ceremony. I also stopped by UVM Career Services, a free service offered to UVM students, by suggestion of our internship advisors. On my first meeting, I took the Myers-Briggs personality test; a test designed to tell you what your preferences are, your best features, and where your flaws may lie. The career advisor and I determined I was type ENFJ: extroversion, intuition, feeling and judging. The test then provides in depth descriptions of each type. The tagline for my 'type'? “As a rule, ENFJs are responsible people who like to get things settled and who are conscientious in following through on commitments. They like to be involved in many things at once and often pull it off because they are organized.”

I then took my skill set, something we have been discussing during the internship as a tool to present to possible future employers, and created a 'mind-map,' something else we have been discussing as a way to organize our thoughts. I have been sketching out mind maps my entire student career, however I find my handwriting unbearable to decipher, even for myself. With suggestions to find mind mapping software online, I found a free simple to use site,


I created a mind map to organize this blog post. I took this mind map and matched some of the tasks I completed last week with my skill-set. Every week it seems as though I complete many smaller tasks that help to accomplish a larger goal. I enjoy finishing tasks, using my creativity, being organized, and communicating with others. I have used all of these skills the past week, between communicating with Conference and Event Services to confirm the Equine Center event, completing all the invitations, and using the mind mapping website to organize all of my work.I look forward to using mind mapping for everyday organizing and to do lists.