University of Vermont


Finishing Up Solar Reports and Technology Review

by Richard P. Smith III '13, CEF Summer Intern

Over the past two weeks I have been mostly focusing on completing Solar PV site reports and a technology overview draft for geothermal heat exchange. As a team we have almost completed reports for every prospected PV site on campus. Site reports are a great way to get a general understanding of the energy and money saving potential for a certain location. I feel fully confident in my solar PV judgment and in my ability to make predictions and estimates based on site visits. The team will be finished with PV surveying after another week of site reports and we will have a complete understanding for the campus' max solar potential.


I have also been finishing up a technology overview report on geothermal heat and cooling generation. I went into detail about this in my last post. For the first draft submission I complied my finding into three sections; a brief description of how the technology works and the different methods and systems, how the technology can be applied on the University of Vermont's campus, and the incentives that the University would be able to benefit from by installing the technology. These drafts are being reviewed and we will have feed back next week. I found these reports somewhat difficult initially to grasp. The main objective is to take what I know and have learned about geothermal heat exchange and communicate that understanding in terms that would be understood by members of the University's planning board. This is one of the major skills I have found myself developing through this internship. The ability to communicate my own understanding to someone else and in the end have them walk away with there own understanding is one that you don't develop in a classroom. Working with others and engaging in conversation about what I've been doing has helped me gain a greater overall grasp of working on projects such as the one at hand. I look forward to what is in store for the next few weeks as we finish up loose ends and begin on newer tasks.