University of Vermont

Green Dorm


by Ryan Darlow '12, UVM Clean Energy Fund Intern


The last two weeks of the internship were focused on finishing up the reports for CHA. After submitting my report on wind power, most of my time was spent editing that report as well as other reports sent to me by Jack Honor. Jack has compiled a draft of the report, which he shared with us so we could get a preview of what the final report would entail. It is amazing what all the work completed this summer has become. The report is lengthy due to its combination of broad scope as well as high attention to detail.

It is exciting to see my personal contribution to something that has meaning and value and will be of assistance to decision makers and project planners at UVM. Throughout this summer I have learned a lot about renewable energy and I hope to build on this knowledge as I pursue a career in that field.  Jack has helped in this pursuit by examples of employment opportunities for me to seek with in CHA as well as other companies. I have followed up with each of these hoping that one can be the next step in my engineering career.

I am attempting to spread the knowledge about renewable energy that I have learned. I helped convince my parents to take their first step towards a greener home. They have had solar PV and solar thermal energy surveys completed for their home in Acton, MA. These reports will be followed by an energy audit. My dad is now participating in the Solarize Acton committee with hopes that widespread community involvement in solar PV projects will drive the prices down thus making it more affordable for all. Depending on where I end up at the end of the summer, I may return to Acton and become an active member in this committee as well.

It is amazing how fast this internship flew by. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it, and I feel that it was extraordinarily beneficial to my future in the field. The knowledge and experience I gained will not be soon forgotten as I hope to continue to follow my passion for clean energy. I hope that UVM takes this report and uses it to expand its “greenness.” This report showed me that everywhere has a potential for some renewable energy it is just a matter of finding out what is appropriate. Achieving a balance of the various technologies is the best way to maximize the benefits that they provide.