University of Vermont

Snowy Day

Final Weeks

by Kierstin Wall '13, CEF Summer Outreach Intern

With the Equine Center Solar PV project completed and the final Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study reports being written, these Clean Energy Fund projects are winding down. My outreach duties have not however, and with the final weeks of the internship coming to an end I have been working on multiple press releases, an information pamphlet for the Equine Center, and reflecting on what I have learned over the past weeks and how these new skills will affect my future career.

The reflection portion is always difficult, it is always challenging to critique your own work, however I find that using mind mapping, as I have discussed before, is the best way to not only organize my thoughts, but look at the bigger picture of this internship as a whole, and my part in that.

Conclusions are being made about the CCREFS, CHA is developing a map for the Clean Energy Fund Committee, which will visually show where is and is not suitable for renewable energy projects on campus. This map, in conjunction with the surveying reports written by the CEF interns Jack, Rich, and Ryan, will convey a message to the present and future UVM community about the possibilities of renewable energy, as well as the lessons learned by the interns, including why the University is not able to install solar panels on every building on campus.

The Equine Center Solar PV project will convey a broader message; the possibilities of renewable energy and the sustainable future the Clean Energy Fund Committee envisions for the campus and for the community. I have been developing an information pamphlet to be distributed at the Equine Center Opening Ceremony. This pamphlet will provide the public with more detailed information on the project and where to learn more about the Clean Energy Fund and sustainable projects the Committee is working on. I have been forced to think about presenting a clean and simple design, including images and a great deal of information to squeeze into an 8½ by 11in. space. This has proven challenging, although I thoroughly enjoy using Adobe InDesign to work with; the skills I learned in my Applied Design courses at UVM have happened to be vey helpful.

I have been taking color, balance and special boundaries into consideration and have been thinking about how my audience will read this pamphlet. I hope my audience leaves the ceremony, pamphlet in hand, with a bigger picture in mind; one of renewable energy systems in their homes, at their workplaces, and ideas to create a more sustainable future.