University of Vermont

Green Dorm


by Kierstin Wall '13, CEF Summer Outreach Intern

Experience experience experience. That is what an internship entails; work experience, social experience, life experience. This internship has me enthused at the fact that I will have an experience of learning and creating, putting all my knowledge to the test. The Clean Energy Fund internship started with meeting the internship team, talking about our tasks and responsibilities, what we would like to gain from our experience, and what our advisors wanted from us.

My duties as the outreach intern include developing press release packets, relaying what the rest of my intern team has learned through more PR pieces, and planning the grand opening event for the Equine Center Solar project. I am looking forward to piecing my fellow interns’ information and input together with what I have learned and documented about each project, and I have taken the first steps to start planning the Equine Center event. This I believe, will be the most challenging part of the internship. I met with Josie Davis and Mieko Ozeki earlier this week to begin planning for this event. We decided that it be held sometime late August and started developing our guest list. Inviting guests is one of the most important tasks to plan an event, without the people you expect and desire to attend, there isn't an event at all. I have been researching UVM's history, the Clean Energy Fund and the solar project, and have created a first draft of an email that will be sent to our very important guests. It is these guests that Davis, Ozeki, and I feel would make the most out of this event, and it is my job to make sure the guests know how important their attendance is.

There is still much planning to do, but I am looking forward to creating a 'package' to distribute to the public to educate them on the Equine Center Solar Project that will answer any questions they might have in an attractive manner. The beginning of my CEF internship experience is moving smoothly; I am enjoying everything I learn through my intern peers, advisors, and firms about both the Equine Center and Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study projects.