University of Vermont

Students on the Lawn

2011 Clean Energy Workforce Conference

by Mieko A. Ozeki, M.S., A.L.M, Former Sustainability Projects Coordinator

Hello from Saratoga Springs, NY!

While UVM students are on Spring Break vacation, I have traveled to Saratoga Springs fro the 2011 Clean Energy Workforce Conference, organized by Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) and sponsored by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). I arrived in Saratoga Springs after Monday's snow storm that hit the Northeast with over 2 feet of snow. 

Preconference Workshop 

On Tuesday, there were workshops and I decided to attend a session on Biomimicry: Advice from Nature's Success Stories Can Expedite Innovation. Biomimicry is study of nature, its models, systems, processes and elements to emulate or inspire designs to help solve human problems. This session led by Dana Levy from NYSERDA was an overview of biomimicry and its applications to product design. The turn out was small as I suspect that technical installers are not familiar with this field. For the NYSERDA presenters, this is a relatively new area to them as they try to introduce biomimicry to business owners in New York.