University of Vermont


Sustainability by the bottle


By creating a centralized bottling deposit center on UVM campus, accessible only to UVM students, we can create an environment where students have a direct impact on sustainability. By having a bottling center, students will be able to recycle directly, be incentivized by the reward of gaining cash back or donating to UVM sustainability causes, and become an integral part of the ‘green’ UVM idea. This idea would only require a small amount of cash to start, and would mobilize students to take recycling efforts into their own hands. Currently UVM has a system of eco-reps, this idea would expand on that enabling everyone to be their own eco-rep. If the idea proves to be a success, more bottle deposits could be integrated around campus, creating an environment where there is ease of recycling; an environment where bottles don’t build up, but are recycled on the spot after use. MIT has had great success utilizing this initiate, with the help of, recycling over 100,000 containers so far. The possibilities of expanding this, with events like recycling competitions between dorms, is limitless.