University of Vermont

Green Dorm

Energy Usage Dashboards

Since the university loves to advertise how some of our buildings are LEED certified (especially during tours), I think that we should have additional interactive monitors known as BuildingDashboards in the LEED certified buildings. There is one in Aiken, which is in a fine place, but few people, aside from students in the Rubenstein School and teachers in the Rubenstein school of which are already environmentally conscious people, see it. There is also already one located in the Davis center, but it is located in the tunnel and should be moved to a more populated spot such as by the marketplace (one of the stops on our campus tours) so that anyone passing by can observe and interact with the monitor. The Carrigan Wing, the University Heights, Wing/Davis/Wilks Residential Hall and the Dean's Office of the College of Arts & Sciences all are LEED certified in some manor and are perfect locations on campus to house these monitors. Obviously it would be a waste to implement them in all of the LEED certified buildings because the idea would become redundant, but if we were to have them located in the most populated spots, pedestrians would notice them, interact with them and obtain more knowledge about energy usage and become more aware of energy usage in the school.


Transparency is one of the most effective ways to progress a society and UVM, being as progressive and environmentally friendly, should be transparent about our energy usage as to raise awareness of how much we are saving through certain practices. Also by people becoming more aware of our energy usage they would start to reduce their energy intake based on how guilty they may feel since even though the Davis Center is LEED certified, it still uses a copious amount of energy to run itself annually. Through this we would have a more aware campus when it comes to the culture of our energy usage.


The online version of what would be displayed on the monitors is located here:


The budget for the project would be approximately however much it cost to implement the one located in the tunnel of the Davis center times however many end up being put in place.