University of Vermont


A Real Wind Turbine

UVM should show a commitment to renewable energy by installing a real wind turbine where the one is now.  100 foot blades with the energy going straight to the campus.  People may complain about the view but others have suffered far more for our electricity (mountain-top removal, ect.) that I think we can handle it.  Invest in our health and future first before building more dorms.


The 10-kW wind turbine on East Avenue is a demo project. Putting a larger turbine on the same site is not feasible because it is situated near the Fletcher Allen's helicopter landing pad. It is one of 35 residential size wind turbines in the state, funded by the federal grants, to figure out the wind potential of different areas in Vermont. To learn more about the wind turbine check out the documentation on this system:

If you're interested in UVM's potential for wind energy and other renewable energy technologies, there will be an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to view and speak up about the results of the Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy feasibility study, funded by the Clean Energy Fund.

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