University of Vermont

Green Dorm

Selection Criteria for CEF Projects

The Clean Energy Fund will consider project ideas based on the following selection criteria:

  • Mission fit: Does the project idea meet the mission of the CEF?
  • Methodology and timeframe: How will the idea be carried out? Which individuals and offices will be involved? How long with the project take to complete, and what is the timeframe for each key phase? 

  • Benefits and results: What are the educational, environmental, and economic benefits this project will provide? For example, energy savings, return on investment, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, learning opportunities and outcomes, or any other broader impacts on the university community). 

  • Student Engagement: How will the project provide opportunities for student engagement and involvement?

  • Justification of use of student-supported, CEF funds: Why is the project appropriate for the Clean Energy Fund, as opposed to another funding source? What complementary in-kind or monetary support does this project have? 
  • Academic Support: Does a faculty member and the department dean support the project (i.e. research, course, lecture series, or workshop)?
  • For installlations: Is the funding picture favorable for a return on investment? Is there departmental support? Is there a special opportunity to implement the project (grant opportunities, etc.)?