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FAQs for CEF Projects


1) What are the project selection criteria? 

The Clean Energy Fund will consider project ideas based on the following selection criteria

  • Mission fit: Does the project idea fit the mission of the CEF?
  • Student Engagement: How will the project provide opportunities for student engagement and involvement?
  • Methodology and timeframe: How will the idea be carried out? Which individuals and offices will be involved? How long with the project take to complete, and what is the timeframe for each key phase? 
  • Benefits and results: What are the educational, environmental, and economic benefits this project will provide? For example, energy savings, return on investment, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, learning opportunities and outcomes, or any other broader impacts on the university community. 
  • Justification of use of student-supported, CEF funds: Why is the project appropriate for the Clean Energy Fund, as opposed to another funding source? What complementary in-kind or monetary support does this project have? 
  • Academic Support: Does a faculty member and the department chair and dean support the project? This is important especially for research, courses, lecture series, and workshops?
  • Support for Installlations on campus: What are the logistics? Would it involve using or altering buildings and the built environment? Will it be connected to power, water, heat, or data?  Does it involve transportation, equipment, storage, training, or additional insurance coverage?  Which campus departments have been consulted (e.g. Physical Plant, Risk Management, Transportation & Parking)?
  • Funding: Is the funding picture favorable for a return on investment? Is there departmental or other support? Is there a special opportunity to implement the project (grant opportunities, etc.)?

2) How are projects selected?
The eleven-member Clean Energy Fund Committee is a representative body that reviews and recommends projects for funding to the VP of Finance & Administration. The VPFA makes the final approval of projects to receive funding in the next fiscal year. The project selection process is illustrated on the following page: 


3) Interested in proposing a renewable energy course, workshop, or lecture series?
Course proposals will be considered during the annual Call for Ideas and submitted via the Ideas Collection site (register and/or login below).

Workshop and lecture series proposals can be considered during the annual grant cycle or off-cycle depending on when the event will occur:

  • During the current academic year or after the Call for Ideas submission process ends: If you plan for your lecture series or workshop to occur during the current academic year or after the Call for Ideas submission process ends, then you can apply for an off-cycle grant. The application can be found at:
  • Next academic year:  If you plan for your lecture series or workshop to occur during the next academic year, please submit your lecture idea via the Ideas Collection site (register and/or login below)


Courses, workshop, and lecture series must follow the CEF Guidelines for Courses and Lectures in order to receive consideration by the CEF Committee for review: