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CEF Committee Membership

UPDATE for academic year 2015-16: The VP for Finance has instructed the Office of Sustainability to put on hold the recruitment of a new CEF Committee, as the Fund will not be soliciting new projects while it undergoes a formal review and a report is prepared. Previously approved projects will continue to be supported, including the Energy Action Seminar. The Clean Energy Fund will undergo this formal, multi-step review in the 2015-2016 academic year with the intent to strategically align the goals of the University’s Climate Action Plan with the activities and criteria for selecting projects through the Clean Energy Fund. 

Interested? Have a comment? Want to be on a mailing list? Please contact the Office of Sustainability through the "Contact Us" page.

A major goal of the Clean Energy Fund from 2008-2015 has been to foster student, staff, and faculty cooperation and involvement.  Committee members met once a month throughout the academic year and served two-year staggered terms to allow year-to-year continuity within the committee.

Clean Energy Fund committee responsibilities have included:

  • Reviewing proposals and recommend project ideas to the Vice President for Finance
  • Ensuring student involvement in the design, installation, and review process
  • Encouraging development of cost-benefit analyses for proposed projects
  • Encouraging writing of grant proposals to provide supplemental funding for projects
  • Making recommendations for sustainable design on other relevant new university developments
  • Working with the Chair and Fund Administrator to schedule and announce meetings, set meeting agendas, and distribute minutes.

Learn more about how project ideas have been collected, reviewed, recommended, and implemented: CEF Process Map