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UVM Electric Vehicle Charging Station Feasibility Study

Project Timeline: 
June, 2014
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Research/Study

The UVM Electric Vehicle Charging Station Feasibility Study will evaluate how best to bring electric vehicle charging stations to the University of Vermont campus.  Examples of questions we would look to answer include:

The feasibility study will be the first phase of a two phase effort to bring charging stations to campus. After this plan is completed, the goal would be to seek funds from Clean Energy Fund or other sources to bring the ideal number and type of charging stations to campus.  The second phase of this effort could range from anywhere from $3,000 to $125,000 depending on the number and type of charges.  

CEF Award: $6,995

Expenditure as of May 2015: $5,100

Project ChampionsClean Cities Program, Transportation & Parking

Original Proposal


10/2014: Focus Group Presentation

2/2014: UVM Electric Vehichle Charging Station Feasibility Study Presentation