Jeffords Hall

UVM Central Heat Plant - Solar Array Upgrade & Optimization

Project Timeline: 
May, 2013 to May, 2014
Project Progress: 

This is a two-phase project.  The first phase will upgrade the existing solar array panels, a 4.8-kW system installed in 2001, on the UVM Central Heating Plant. Inverters will be installed to existing panels, enhancing the public access to data via a dashboard system. The second phase will involve the installation of additional 29.9- kW solar panels with new technology on the UVM Central Heating Plant. The dashboard system for the upgrade and new installation will help compare two solar panel systems of differing ages. 

Project Champions: Physical Plant, Capital Planning
Clean Energy Fund Award: $150,500
Final Project Cost: $131,344


4/2014: Installation underway after snow cleared and weather improved on campus. Vermont Solar Engineering starts the installation process. 

2/2014: Stamped electrical drawings are being approved by UVM. An intern has been hired, Adisun Wheelock '15 (Electronic Engineering Major). Operations staff met with Adisun to give him an overview of the project. Installation is currently scheduled to start March 24th. 

1/2014: Vermont Solar Engineering was selected to upgrade the current 5.0 kW PV system and install 29.8 kW new system. We are currently interviewing intern candidates to help document the project. Installation is expected to take place in mid-March, after Spring Break, and take about 4 weeks to complete.