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Off-Campus Student Energy Conservation Challenge

Project Timeline: 
June, 2014
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Education/Infrastructure

CEF funds will be used to provide home energy devices (HEDs) to UVM students living off-campus in Burlington, at no (or, a subsidized) cost. These devices connect to residential smart meters and make available real-time energy consumption information. Burlington Electric Department is in the process of deploying Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in the city, but choices of how, when, and whether or not to use HEDs have not yet been made. 

Acquiring these devices will create a strategic platform for deeper energy literacy and advanced research in the UVM community, offering a way to gain insight into interactions between people and the developing smart grid energy system, a vital component in growing adoption of cleaner, distributed renewable energy sources. Additional resources to understand energy consumption at a granular level create a leverage point for greater gains in conservation and efficiency.

Project ChampionsUVM IGERT Smart Grid program, Burlington Electric Department
CEF Award: $38,849
Project Expenditure as of May 2015: $20,876

Original Proposal


10/2014: Off-campus energy study survey goes out to students online. 

10/2014: Currently deciding on what energy system monitor to use.