University of Vermont

Jeffords Hall

Improve Bicycle Access at UVM

Project Timeline: 
June, 2014
Project Progress: 

Project Category: Research/Study

This project aims to improve bicycle access, safety, and facilities at the University of Vermont.  Through collaboration with multiple stakeholders, departments, and student groups at UVM, research will be done to establish the bicycle needs of our campus.  Attention will be placed on bike storage and parking, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways, commuter routes to and from campus, the potential to develop our bike share system, and connecting to the transit network of Burlington.  The request for funding includes significant personnel involvement to carry out the research, collaborate with stakeholders, and create an Active Transportation Plan.  This Active Transportation Plan will guide UVM in its infrastructure changes to become a better bicycling campus.

CEF Award: $41,500

Project Expenditure as May 2015: $8,196

Project Champions: Transportation & Parking Services, Bicycle User's Group, Bicycle Advisory Group, 


10/1/2015: First campus-wide active transportation planning open house meeting. 

8/2015: Alta Planning & Design selected as consultants for project. 

10/2014: Collecting data on current bike storage in the Residential Halls