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CEF Lecture Series: Smart Grid Seminar Series

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January, 2015 to May, 2015
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This seminar focuses on exploring the next generation power grid and its relationship to renewable energy. The series will consist of talks, documentary films, and debates that bring different perspectives and disciplines together to discuss this important issue. As Vermont will be the first state in the country to move to a statewide smart grid, this topic is especially relevant to students at UVM.
As Americans debate the impact our aging energy infrastructure is having on our economy and future prosperity, a quiet revolution is happening here in Vermont. Our state is working on becoming the first in the nation to have a statewide smart electricity grid. The shift to a smart grid represents a major change in the role of electric utilities and the services they provide to consumers as they transition from conventional utilities to information ­driven utilities. With an information­driven approach to delivering power, the smart grid enables utilities to provide a greater percentage of electricity generation with renewable electricity sources, creating opportunities for homeowners and businesses alike to be able to choose from which sources their electricity comes from and allowing customers to lower utility bills while reducing their carbon footprint. Despite substantial top­down policy support and increasing recognition of the term “Smart Grid”, the relationship between a smarter grid and renewable energy remains largely nebulous to the general public. It is our hope that this seminar series will expose UVM students to the technology behind the smart grid and its relationship to renewable energy, and to create opportunities for students to get involved with the technology, policy, and human behavioral factors behind the grid.

CEF Project ChampionsD. Curtis Saunders, T.C. McAndrew, Robert Swain, Emily Cody, Christopher Clement, Daniel Fredman, Mark Wagy

CEF Award: $11,000

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10/2014: Planning stage for Spring 2015.  First five lectures are scheduled.  Two more lectures and one movie to be scheduled.