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CEF Lecture Series: 2014 Energy Action Seminar

Project Timeline: 
August, 2014 to December, 2014
Project Progress: 

This series builds on the successful experiences of the Fall 2013 Energy Action Seminar Series to conduct a high-impact Energy Action Seminar series in the Fall of 2014.

The first part is a seminar series on renewable energy to include speakers focused on U.S. and global renewable energy programs and Vermont state programs and organizations.  We build on the successful experiences of the Fall 2014 series. Energy is a major impact on society, both in how we use it and how we extract it, contributing, for example, from 30 to 40 percent of our total greenhouse gases. In this seminar series we focus on the broad range of renewable energy resources that will reduce the environmental impacts of our present energy uses. 

The second part will tie the seminar series to two academic courses already scheduled; a special topics ENVS 1-credit course (ENVS-195) and a -3-credit CDAE course (Energy Alternatives, CDAE-006). Tying in with these two courses enables students (those who so choose) to receive academic credit for attending the seminars, joining in post seminar discussions and integrating aspect of the seminar series into their academic learning. 

CEF Project Champions: Richard Watts, Ph.D, Assistant Research Professor

CEF Award: $15,000

The UVM Clean Energy Fund, CDAE and the Environmental Program present: 

Energy Action Seminar

Renewable Energy in Vermont, the US and the World

Mondays, 4:05-05:20 pm, Fall 2014

Hills 122*

A weekly seminar series exploring the role of renewable energy in Vermont, the US and the World.  Featuring world-class speakers on policy options, political controversy, costs and benefits, activism, and jobs.  Free and open to the public.  Get educated about our energy future!  Learn more about the Energy Action Seminar here!

9/8 Renewable Energy Around the World: Challenges & Opportunities
Jennie Stephens, Blittersdorf Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy, Rubenstein School, University of Vermont
9/15 90 Percent Renewable ALL SECTORS by 2050: The Vermont Story
Darren Springer, Deputy-Commissioner, Vermont Department of Public Service
9/22 Solar and Social Networks: A Path Forward to the Sun
Duane Peterson, Co-Founder, SunCommon
9/26 Field Trip: Model Home Open House in Burlington, VT   
9/29 Reducing Energy Use Through Sustainable Design
Diantha Korzun, AIA, LEED AP, Truex+Cullins
10/4 Field Trip: Audet's Blue Spruce Farm First "cow power" farm in Vermont. The methane gas collected from the biodigester pushes enough electricity on the grid for about  300 Vermont homes.
10/6 The Inside Story: Reporting on oil sands, pipeline safety and natural gas drilling
Lisa Song, Pulitzer prize-winning reporter, InsideClimateNews
10/9 Field Trip: Georgia Mountain Wind Farm GMCW is the first commercial-scale wind project in Chittenden and Franklin Counties. This four turbine, 10-megawatt wind turbine project is locally owned by Vermont business owners and employers with a passion for renewable energy.
10/9 Field Trip: GMP Colchester GMP is a local electricity utility with the mission of empowering customers to save money and move towards clean energy sources.
10/10 Field Trip: Ferrisburgh Solar Farm 1-megawatt solar farm, almost 4,000 solar panels sit on a 16-acre piece of land. This farm generates enough energy to power 170 average Vermont homes.
10/13 Policy Measures to Increase Renewables: Lessons from American States and Canadian Provinces
Barry Rabe, Professor of Public Policy, University of Michigan
10/14 Field Trip: McNeil Generating Station McNeil Station is a 50-megawatt wood-chip fired electric generating station. At full load, the plant generates about enough energy for the needs of the Burlington.
10/14 Field Trip: Main Street Landing Student will learn about energy systems and green building practices.
10/16 Renewable Energy Required! The California Story
David Hochschild, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
10/20 Renewable Energy at Green Mountain Power

Josh Castonguay,  Director of Generation and Renewable Innovation at Green Mountain Power

10/22 Field Trip: Richmond Neighborhood Solar Array 25-kilowatt solar array system that provides electricity to six homes. The array is net-metered under Vermont's net-metering law, which allows the neighborhood to act as mini-electricity utility.
10/27 People Power - Reducing Energy Use Through Walking, Biking, and Public Transit Caroline Sampanaro, Senior Director, Campaigns & Organizing, Transportation Alternatives, NYC 
10/29 Field Trip: Burlington Electric Department Energy efficiency specialists and power supply experts will discuss initiatives occurring in Burlington. 
11/3 The Story of the British Columbia Carbon Tax
Honourable Michael de Jong, QC, British Colombia
Minister of Finance and House Leader, British Columbia**
11/10 Panel: Energy Technology Innovations Cold climate heat pumps, algae bio-fuel and more!
11/17 Renewable Energy: Making a Difference in the World (to be detailed)


* Transportation and parking information:

† Special time and place! Renewable Energy Vermont Conference, Sheraton Hotel, 10:00 a.m. Student conference registrations waived for the trade show and exhibits.

Note: Three field trips Sept 27, Oct. 4, Oct 11 to see renewable energy sites in Vermont.

For more information on any of the above, contact Dan Smith,

** Invited 


9/8/2014: Lecture series under way with plans for field trips during the semester.   


9/8/2014: Renewable Energy Around the World: Challenges & Opportunites