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Featured Alumni

Adisun Wheelock '15

CEF Intern- UVM Central Heating Plant PV System

Adisun is currently in his junior year of study through the College of Engineering and Mathematics at UVM. He received his Associates degree in Electrical Engineering Technology through Vermont Tech and is now pursuing his Electrical Engineering degree at UVM with thoughts of minoring in both Computer Science and Mathematics. A native Vermonter, Adisun enjoys learning about advancements in the field of clean energy, and participating in such projects with hopes to one day be apart of a larger scale project. As the Clean Energy Fund intern, Adisun’s role is to document the installation of the new and retrofitted PV panels being installed on the rooftop of the Central Heating Plant and to post blogs describing the advancement of the project. Outside of class, he enjoys learning and designing with his Arduino board, hiking, and staying physically fit.


Anna Mika, M.S., Ph.D.

2009-2012 Performance Tracking Fellow

Anna completed her doctorate at UVM's Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, studying the impacts of harvesting biomass for energy production on long-term carbon storage. She was part of the Carbon Dynamics Lab at UVM and was advised by Dr. Bill Keeton. She completed her Masters of Science at the University of Guelph in 2008, where she also received her Bachelor of Science degree in biological science in 2006.  Anna worked as the Office of Sustainability’s Performance Tracking Fellow from 2009 until 2012.  She completed UVM’s annual greenhouse gas inventory, worked on the university’s climate action plan, piloted the STARS with various Service-Learning courses, and worked with faculty and students on other hands-on projects. After UVM, she was the Campus Program Associate with Clean Air Cool Planet (now part of the University of New Hampshire's Sustainability Institute), where she managed their Campus Carbon Calculator.  Anna got her LEED Green Associate and later worked as the Associate Sustainability Consultant at Energy Advantage. Currently, Anna is the Sustainability Data Assessment & Reporting Officer at the Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. In her spare time, Anna enjoys reading classic books of fiction, running, cross-country skiing, playing sports, painting and drawing, cooking, and playing violin.

Daniel Belhumeur '09

2007-2009 Sustainability Intern

After graduating from UVM in 2009, he  worked in Washington, DC as the Project Assistant for Nutrition Policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. His work primarily involves writing and organizing to support advocacy efforts for the improvement of the nutritional quality of school foods in the United States.
Dan’s education at UVM as an Environmental Studies major has helped him succeed in his current position. He believes that while at UVM, he learned how to think constructively about real world problems, and how best to communicate those thoughts. In addition, Dan credits his outside-the-classroom experiences with providing him with the knowledge and skills he has needed in the job market: “I look to course work for broad concepts and theory, but on the whole, I also credit my preparedness to the body of opportunities a UVM education offered – Environmental Council, engaged students and professors, and applied internship experience helped me convince my present employer I could do the job”.
As an intern at the Office of Sustainability, Dan helped develop the Clean Energy Fund, and supported environmental and energy education in collaboration with the Eco-Reps through light bulb swaps and measuring energy usage in the residence halls. He also worked on establishing new partnerships with off-campus communities, specifically with Greek Life. His work at the Office of Sustainability has been crucial to his preparedness for problem-solving in the real world: “working with the Office was the single most important experience while attending UVM. I frequently reflect on the understanding it gave me of organizational structure and process, of how things really work. Taking our environmental problems to UVM administrators with a solution – creat[ing] a student-supported fund to backup your environmental mantra and stimulate clean energy at UVM – was successful because of the Office and their excellent partners in the community. I hope students will continue to have the same opportunities”.
Dan currently lives in Boston, MA. 

Daniel Hopkins '13

CEF Summer Media Intern

Danny is a senior Environmental Sciences major with a focus in Environmental Resources.  As part of the public relations and media communications team, he will be responsible for documenting the processes behind both the Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Project and the Equine Center PV installation project.  This documentation will be in the form of multiple short online videos.

David Manago '13

Davis Center Eco-Rep

David Manago served as an Eco-Rep for the past 2 years and a Davis Center Eco-Rep during his senior year.  He majored in Environmental Studies while minoring in Business. Currently, he works at Google as an Associate Account Strategist. Vermont Quarterly article on David.

Dexter Locke '09

2009 Summer Intern

After graduating from UVM in 2008, he worked at the New York City Urban Field Station in a position jointly supported by the USDA Forest Service and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.  His job was to enhance interagency cooperation for adaptive management of urban natural resources. The Parks and Recreation Department is primarily concerned with urban forest management, stewardship and research, while the Forest Service scientifically investigates the outcomes of the Parks Department’s and other urban environmental stewards’ activities in order to refine and develop best management practices. Dexter worked where research, science and academia meet management, policy and administration.  He dealt with the intersection of science, society and policy by communicating with varied interests and stakeholders, investigating management outcomes, and enhancing societal understandings of the urban forest and its stewards. 
According to Dexter, “the education and job skills training [at] the University of Vermont’s Office of Sustainability provided me with [an] edge and catapulted me into a career as an effective environmental leader”. Dexter worked with the Office of Sustainability as a student in the service-learning course “Environmental Management Systems” co-taught by Gioia Thompson, Ralph Stuart, and Michelle Smith Mullarkey, which looked at environmental management on the UVM campus. He also worked with the Office while conducting an independent research study looking at the environmental and financial performance of the 31 wood-framed buildings on campus. Finally, Dexter interned with the Office of Sustainability in the Summer of 2009, and worked on two main projects. One of these project involved mapping different potential locations for installing solar panels using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The other project linked existing maps of campus buildings with various data used for tracking environmental impact characteristics, such as energy usage. Both of these projects have made it easier for the wider UVM community to visualize on-campus environmental impacts using maps.
Dexter explains that he learned some important skills while working with the Office of Sustainability: “in all three of these experiences the Office of Sustainability taught me how to ask more pertinent questions and find the answers in a more effective manner – all in the support of reducing environmental harm and improving quality of life.  My time spent with the Office helped me integrated the management principles taught as theoretical frameworks in my coursework as a Natural Resource Planning major, and apply them in a meaningful way.”
Currently, Dexter is attending a master's program at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. 

Ed Whitehead '14

CEF Outreach Intern

Ed graduated from UVM in Fall 2014. He attended the Rubenstein School of  Natural Resources, concentrating in policy and development. Ed has garnered a unique perspective on environmental issues, taken time to study physiology and anatomy, and how various chemical agents affect the health of humans and of ecosystems. Ed has also had the pleasure of working alongside VPIRG, assisting them in cultivating materials for the newly enstated Toxic-Free Families act for the Vermont Department of health. in his last semester at UVM, Ed is putting his creative skills to work, creating an interactive tour of the Clean Energy Fund Projects via Parkour, the French discipline of movement and urban acrobatics.

Jack Lehrecke '12

CEF Summer Intern

Jack is a recent UVM graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a minor in Pure Mathematics. During summer 2012, Jack will be dividing his time on the technical team of the CEF summer internship program, working on the Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study and observing the progress of the Equine Center Solar PV installation. Jack will be providing updates on both the installation and the feasibility study over the course of each respective project.

James Wilcox

2010-2011 CEF Education and Outreach Fellow

James Wilcox is a Ph.D student in the Rubenstein School for Environment and Natural Resources at The University of Vermont and an Education and Outreach Fellow with UVM's Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy Fund. He holds a B.A. in English and a Master's of Teaching from Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as an M.A. in Media and Urban Studies from The New School in New York City. James has worked at Parsons the New School for Design, consulted for The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, chaired and presented at the Critical Themes in Media Studies Conference at The New School, and taught sustainable design to Parsons undergraduates. His interests include ecological thought and culture, DIY participatory media, and design and social innovation for sustainability.



Julie Nash

Education and Outreach Graduate Assistant & Coordinator of UVM Eco-Reps Program

Julie teaches the Social Marketing for Sustainability Class and co-coordinates the UVM Eco-Reps Program. Through her work at the Office of Sustainability, Julie’s introduces students to the principles and techniques of social marketing for campus sustainability. Social marketing focuses on influencing individual behaviors by using commercial marketing principles to deliver a benefit to society. Understanding how to craft persuasive campaigns is a critical skill for those hoping to change sustainability behaviors. In both roles, Julie works with UVM students to design and implement their own sustainability behavior-change campaigns. Prior to starting at UVM, Julie spent most of her career at international consumer products companies, working in various management capacities in brand marketing, strategic planning, and corporate finance. Most recently, Julie managed global innovation and new product development at Ben & Jerry’s in Burlington Vermont.

Katharan M Blofson

Clean Energy Fund Education & Outreach Graduate Assistant

Kate is a Master's student in the Rubenstein School for Environment and Natural Resources at The University of Vermont and an Education and Outreach Fellow with UVM's Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy Fund.  She has a BA in English from Yale University, and has worked a variety of jobs from teaching in the Philadelphia schools to sailing the Eastern seaboard.  For the past few years, she has worked with the Prometheus Radio Project to build and advocate for low power community radio stations.  She is captivated by bees, wooden boats, and participatory community media, among other interests.  

Katherine Devine '11

2007-2011 Communications Intern

Katherine Devine earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Community and International Development in May 2011.  She worked with the Office of Sustainability since fall of 2007 on various projects including researching sustainable paper products for a campus wide policy, writing monthly newsletters, as well as marketing for and attending the Environmental Forum.

Kierstin Wall '13

CEF Summer Outreach Intern

Kierstin is a senior Public Communications major with an Applied Design minor. As the CEF outreach intern,  part of the public relations and media communications team, Kierstin will be producing press release materials on the Equine Center and Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility projects this summer. She will be producing content on the Office of Sustainability website as well as working with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to coordinate the opening day event for the Equine Center solar installation project. Kierstin will be working closely with the rest of the summer intern team to gather input and information to relay her findings to the community through pictures and written PR materials. 

Leigh Corrigan '13

Vermont Campus Sustainability Network Communications Intern

Leigh is a senior Economics major with an Environmental Studies minor. In addition to her role as an Eco-Reps student leader she will be supporting the coordination of the Vermont Campus Sustainability Network (VCSN). Leigh will be contributing to the VCSN newsletter by writing articles and taking photographs, as well as maintaining the VCSN website. She will reach out to Vermont campuses to support statewide sustainability efforts. She is interested in bridging the gap between the world of economics and the physical environment which we live in.

Mikayla McDonald '10

2008-2010 Student Sustainability Liaison

Mikayla McDonald interned with the Office of Sustainability from 2008-2010. Her role involved being the intermediary between student environmental groups and Office of Sustainability. During her last semester at UVM, she helped coordinate the retrofitting of water bottle filling stations.  Mikayla was the former president of VSTEP and helped coordinate the campaign to ban bottled water on campus. She served as a senator in the Student Government Association and helped catalyze the election of environmentally conscious senators called the Eco Block.   
After Mikayla graduated in 2010, she interned with Vermont Natural Resources Council and worked as an advocate for environmental legislation in the Vermont Statehouse. Currently, she is a staff assistant for VT Senator Bernie Sanders in Washington, DC. She says that "the best part of my job is assisting the office's various Legislative Aids in researching policy issues in their topic areas. I also write constituent letters on behalf of the Senator, which is fun because I read up on all of the latest issues and get to take a stand on issues I care about

Pooja Kanwar

Performance Tracking Graduate Assistant

Tracking UVM's sustainability progress includes completing an annual greenhouse gas inventory, piloting the AASHE STARS system for tracking activiites, coordinating the Campus Sustainability course, and working with students on various Service-learning and senior capstone projects related to sustainability.

Pooja Kanwar is a Ph.D. candidate in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at The University of Vermont, the Performance Tracking Fellow with UVM's Office of Sustainability, and a Gund Instititute of Ecological Economics Graduate Student Fellow.  She holds a B.S. in Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Iowa and an M.S. Resource Management and Administration from Antioch University New England.  Pooja's research focuses on international water resources management, with her BS and MS work examining  rainwater harvesting and rural water supply issues in India and her current doctoral research investigating a multijurisdictional harbour in New Zealand through ecological risk, governance complexities and  policy values.  Prior to studying at UVM she was living in Western Massachusetts working at the University of Massachusetts with the Water Resources Research Center in Amherst, MA,  coordinating various volunteer water quality monitoring projects throughout the state. 

Richard P. Smith III '13

CEF Summer Intern

Rich is a senior Electrical Engineering major with a minor in Plant Biology. He is a summer Clean Energy Fund intern and part of the technical team of the Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study. His internship involves surveying the University of Vermont's energy potential for various forms of renewable energy technologies.  Rich will be writing site reports for various campus locations as well as reporting on project to the university community.

Ryan Darlow '12

UVM Clean Energy Fund Intern

Ryan is a recent UVM graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Pure Mathematics. He interned on the technical team of the CEF's Comprehensive Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study project, determining the locations best suited for various types of renewable energy on UVM's campus. 
Recently, Ryan was hired a project engineer for PowerWorks LLC. PowerWorks owns and operates nearly 1000 wind turbines in the Altamont Pass, which is an hour east of San Francisco

Steph Haynes '14

Beverage System Intern

Steph is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Business Administration. Her professional interests include sustainability studies as well as environmental education. She is serving as a Senior Eco-Reps for the Athletic Campus  and as the Beverage System Intern at the Office of Sustainability. The Beverage System Intern helps coordinate efforts to retrofit drinking fountains with water bottle filling and filtering fixtures on campus. A key responsibility for the intern is keeping track of the location of the retrofitted fountains via an Excel database and map. 

Steve Posner, M.S.

Sustainability Fellow and Eco-Reps Program Coordinator

Steve coordinates the UVM Eco-Reps Program. He trains student leaders to promote sustainable practices at the university and encourage environmentally responsible behaviors among peers. He also provides analysis and support for institutional energy decisions, and was an Energy Education Fellow in 2009-2010 as part of a Rocky Mountain Institute initiative. Steve has taught courses in Campus Sustainability, Environmentally Responsible Behavior, and Campus Sustainability Leadership. He has a B.S. in physics and astronomy from Haverford College, studied science education at Stanford University, and has an M.S. in natural resources from the University of Vermont, where he conducts PhD research through the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics on sustainability and the value of natural capital.

Tarah Rowse

Curriculum & Community Connections Graduate Assistant

Tarah Rowse is a Ph.D. student in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at The University of Vermont and a Curriculum & Community Connections Graduate Assistant with UVM's Office of Sustainability. Tarah's primary responsibilities are supporting the Sustainability Faculty Fellows program, coordinating the Vermont Campus Sustainability Network, and co-instructing the Campus Sustainability service-learning course each spring. Her Ph.D. research examines the role that local energy actors and municipalities play in a sustainable energy transition in Vermont. She holds a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from Cornell University and an M.S. in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.  Prior to studying at UVM she was living in Washington, D.C., working on energy policy at The Nature Conservancy, with a focus on renewable energy development and energy development mitigation. Additionally, Tarah has worked with the Department of Homeland Security in the area of risk development, acted as a political campaign manager for a state Senate race in New York, and completed two years of Peace Corps Service in Belize as an environmental educator.

Tatiana Abatemarco, M.A., Ph.D

2008-2011 Community Networking Fellow

Tatiana recently recieved her  the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources while working at the Office of Sustainability. She completed her dissertation, Ethics in the Local Foods Movement: An Interdisciplinary Humanist Exploration, in May 2011 (her defense presentation can be found here).  Tatiana has a M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota (2006) and a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Philosophy from Green Mountain College (2004).  
Tatiana worked at the Office of Sustainability from 2008 to 2011 as the Community Networking Fellow. She coordinated the monthly Environmental Forum Meetings,  the Sustainability Faculty Fellows program, and the Vermont Campus Sustainability Network. She is currently a tenured-track faculty member in the Environmental Studies Program at Paul Smith's College in the Adirondacks.  

Tucker R. Bean '13

Communications Intern

Tucker is a junior political science major with a minor in history and in holocaust studies. More specifically, he is hoping to learn more about environmental politics and policy through his work with the OoS. He will be working on promoting the monthly environmental forum and contributing to the Office of Sustainability Newsletter. He hopes to employ his hobby of photography in some of his Office of Sustainability work. Tucker previously worked for UVM in Facilities Design & Construction on the University Heights Student Residential Learning Complex.

Ty Bereskie '11

Media Intern

Ty is a Senior Environmental Sciences - Ecological Design student in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources.  He is expected to graduate in January 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree and attend graduate school in the fall of 2012 to focus on toxic waste restoration and earn his Master's degree.  
With the Office of Sustainability, Ty has worked to help bring more awareness to the Office of Sustainability and increase student participation with the Clean Energy Fund (CEF).