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The iconic marketing tool. Make yours stand out. Need help? Student Life Marketing Assistants can assist. Submit an online request form 2 weeks in advance.

Print your Posters:

Contact: Terri Nolan at UVM Print and Mail
Dimensions: 11"X17", 8.5"X11" (standard poster sizes), 4.25" x 5.5", 4" x 6", 5.5" x 8" (standard postcard sizes)

Print shops:

Print Costs:

Underground Copy

Don't Forget:

Color is more expensive than black and white. Keep this in mind when you are budgeting.

The Underground can handle all quick copy and lamination up to 11 x 17 in size. So, fliers, posters, small signs and postage. You can drop off special format jobs here, and Print and Mail will have it for you to pick up from the Underground.

The print center at Waterman Building (Rm. 118) can do it all. They recommend that items that require cutting (1/4 & 1/2 sheets, table tents) and items that require folding come to here. Design and layout is a service that is Waterman-focused as well. The Underground can manage print ready files, but files that require extra attention should go to Waterman Building.

Popular Places to Poster:

  • Davis Center (QTY 20)
    Note: Boards are cleared every Sunday, no staples
  • Residence Halls (QTY 131)
    131 posters are needed to cover all of the halls, add 11 for common areas. 150 posters would be a safe bet. Read the Residential Life Postering and Solicitation Policy for more information.
  • Athletics (QTY: 2)
    Public bulletin boards are located in the hall of the indoor track.
  • Bailey/Howe Library (QTY 5)
    Bulletin boards located outside as well as inside the Cyber Cafe
  • Inside the Library (QTY 5)
    Posting board in the café
  • Other Academic Buildings (QTY 25-50)
    Billings, Waterman, Lafayette, Aiken, Williams, Cook, Votey; Almost all buildings have a community board for posting events. Buildings are locked on the weekends.
  • Downtown(QTY: 15)
    Bulletin Boards are located on: Main St, College St., & Pearl St.

Beyond Posters

  • Bus signs:
    Contact: Mike Altman, UVM parking and transportation services ext. 60795
    Dimensions: 11"X14" (these can be printed at Print and Mail)
  • Wallet cards:
  • Postcards
    Contact: Terri Nolan, Print and Mail
    Dimensions: 4.25"X5.5", 4"X6" (standard)
  • Dc standing signs
    Contact: Davis center operations 656-1204
    Dimensions: 11"X17"
  • Dc bathroom signs
    Contact: Kate Strotmeyer
    Dimensions: 8.5"X11"

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