Don't Turn Tragedy Into War

7.30pm Wednesday, September 19, 2001. 301 Williams Hall, University of Vermont.

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On Tuesday September 11, 2001 four transcontinental flights were hijacked. One crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, one into the Pentagon building in Washington, D.C., and the two others slammed into the World Trade Centers in New York. None of the air passengers survived, thousands of those on the ground were killed and injured, and a nation was stricken overnight by grief, fear and anxiety.

In response to the University's inability to provide an adequate community forum, students and two faculty members organized an antiwar teach-in focusing on U.S. foreign policy. The speakers offered a positive approach, an international perspective, and a forum that allowed attendees to pose both questions and statements to the speakers. The antiwar teach-in was sponsored by the International Socialist Organization (ISO), Native Forest Network, ACERCA, SPARC and Students for Peace and Global Justice.

Speaker Biographies

Helen Scott

Helen has been assistant professor of English at the University of Vermont since 1999. She has taught courses in Post-Colonial literature, Caribbean literature, and critical approaches to literature. Helen works closely with student activist groups on campus, and is a member of the International Socialist Organization (ISO).

Will Miller

Will is assistant professor of Philosophy at the University of Vermont. Hired in 1969, he is the surviving member of a radical department hired during the late sixties and early seventies. He specializes in Marxism, history of U.S. philosophy, philosophy of education, Utopian Theory, Socialist-Feminism, Radical Ecology, animal rights and community organizing. A U.S. Army veteran, Will is involved in Veterans for Peace. His academic and communal approach to activism has been against war and imperialism for the last thirty years. He has decades of experience working with student organizations - often as faculty advisor. (Will's web site)

Transcripts of Speeches

  1. Helen Scott's Opening Speech
  2. Will Miller's Opening Speech
  3. After the opening speeches the audience was encouraged to voice their questions, comments and feelings. They were allowed to respond to speakers' statements and the comments and questions posed by other audience members.
  4. Helen Scott's Closing Speech
  5. Will Miller's Closing Speech
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